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TH - Templum Hierosolymae - The Temple at Jerusalem

The Origin and Fate of the Temples at Jerusalem
965 BCE - 70 CE
Philip E.H. Thomas PM, #8839 EC

This research study is an enduring testimony to Bro. Philip E.H. Thomas, who passed away on January 19, 2009.

Initial Hypertext by Gordon R. Charlton PM, #5515 EC
Revised by D. Farhey, #56 IC
Revised Edition 1998, 2010

About This Study

This study is the result of a collaborative effort between Philip E.H. Thomas, the author, and Gordon R. Charlton, the compositor.

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TH stands for Templum Hierosolymae — the Temple at Jerusalem. (The Craft - John Hamill.)


  • Foreword - Purpose of this Research. Use of Historical Data. Application of the New Chronology.

  • Preface - Variations between Biblical and other Sources.

In the Beginning

The Temples


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