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Invitation to Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Joint Lodges Welcome Committee

Jerusalem, Israel

The ancient Masons who built in Jerusalem the Temple of Solomon, King of Israel, were traditionally the first Freemasons and mark the birth of Freemasonry.

The Brethren of the Jerusalem Lodges welcome any and all Brethren, from any recognized constitution by the GL of the State of Israel, who will be visiting Jerusalem, both individual Masons and Masonic groups.

We would like to do our best, to help in making your visit to Jerusalem a pleasant and enjoyable one. We would like your visit here to be a Masonic highlight and an unforgettable experience.

Lodges all over the world will be celebrating their Jubilee or other important Masonic dates. May we suggest them to consider holding their celebration in Jerusalem, the cradle of Freemasonry.

The following are some of the possibilities we suggest:

  1. Visits to regular meetings of Jerusalem Lodges.
  2. Arranging special meetings during your planned visit to Jerusalem.
  3. Home hospitality, such as spending an evening at a Jerusalem Brother's home.
  4. Helping to plan your Jerusalem visit.
  5. Visit to King Solomon's Quarries, where the stones for the Temple were quarried.
    1. Degree work in the Quarries (especially the Mark Degree) for Masonic groups.
    2. A minimum of three months advance notification is necessary.
  6. Any other request you may have, which we have the possibilities of helping you with.

Please note:

  1. The earlier you contact us, the easier it will be to fulfill your request.
  2. All Brethren should have with them a valid document showing them to be in good standing in their Lodge.
  3. During our High Holidays around September, we will not be able to offer our welcome services, but will examine special requests and try to do our best.
  4. The usual language in most of our Lodges in Jerusalem is Hebrew, while in three Lodges the languages are English, Arabic, and French.
    1. We will do our best efforts to arrange special meetings for Masonic groups during your planned visit to Jerusalem, in English, French, Arabic, and German.
    2. For meetings in other languages, we may arrange the opening and closing of the Lodge by us, and enable you to do the ritual in your mother language.
    3. Meetings in Spanish may be arranged by the help of Brethren from Tel Aviv.


Español Español: Aron Goldshtein
Français Français: Daniel Bergfeld
Português Português: Aron Goldshtein

Shalom and See You Next Year in Jerusalem!