Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia

Province of New Zealand

Felkin College No.68

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Dr, Robert William Felkim and the S.R.I.A.

On the 11th April 1907 Dr. R.W. Felkin M.D. of Mary Chapel Lodge Edinburgh was admitted into thr grade of Zelator in the Metropolitan College of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia.

The officiating Celebrant was M.W. Fra. Dr. W, Wyn Westcott IX║ M.D. and Supreme Magus of the Society

Dr. Felkin was received along with three other brethren and is recorded as being the 740th member .

He chose as his motto ' Finem Respice" meaning 'Look to the end' or 'Have regard to the end' and has been fittingly adopted as the motto of this College

Dr. Felkin's admission to the Society must have been very soon after his initiation into freemasonry which is recorded as being in January 8th and passed to the Fellow Craft degree on the 12th February and finally raised on 26th February to the Third Degree.

There are indications that his interest in Freemasonry was on the lower scale of activity. He never became a Master of a Lodge or joined the Royal Arch.  It is questionable whether or not he became a Rose Croix mason or Knight Templar

Assertions that he was buried in Knight Templar Regalia are erroneous. He was interred wearing the cloak, mantle and purple cross of a Knight of the Ordo Tabulae Rotundae.

One of the motives for joining Freemasonry was to gain more credibility with continental esotericists and oculists to enable him to make contact with the 'real  Rosicrucians', which he believed still to be in existence as well as to locate C.R.C.'s tomb supposedly in southern Germany, in a hidden location.  Dr. Felkin made many visits to Europe where he met Dr. Rudolf Steiner and came to value his contributions to Homeopathy, much of which he incorporated in his own practice

He and Mrs. Felkin were caught in Germany at the outbreak of hostilities in 1914.  Their eventual release he contributed to his 'Masonic connections'.

Initially Dr. Felkin's contribution to the Society was slight.  Then he was advanced to the grade of Theoricus II║, Practicus III║ and Philosophus IV║ all on the same day on the 16th September 1911

The first of several papers that were given to the Metropolitan College and its Study Group was in 1912.  This was titled "Occult Experiences in Central Africa" and was followed by "Folklore in Central Africa" and "Psychic Experiences in Egypt" was presented to the Study Group.

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