Exodus Lodge #UD PHA


Introducing the newest league of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

In the month of June of 2003 all of the officers (with the exception of the W.M.) and many members of a lodge under the Smooth Ashlar grand lodge of Georgia F&AAYM PHO grew weary of the un-Masonic conduct being facilitated and accepted there. the brothers opened their eyes to the fact that they were enslaved in a body that was masonically irregular and unrecognized by any legitimate Masonic body. These brothers banded together and broke the chains of bondage and made an exodus to find their promised land. When these brothers emerged on the other side They were received with a token of brotherly love by most worshipful Grand Master Willie l. Williams grand master of masons for the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Georgia F&AM Prince Hall Affiliated. the brothers petitioned the grand master for permission to form a lodge, and on September 14th during the prince hall day program it was announced that the lodge was granted a dispensation. The Lodge's name was Changed to Exodus Lodge because the brothers thought that the name was most appropriate. the lodge was joined by other pHA brothers who desired to be a part of a lodge built on true Masonic brotherhood. One of the missions of this lodge: to help expose bogus "Masonic" organizations for the scams that they are, and show their innocent membership how to become true and regular masons. if you are a member of a bogus Masonic outfit and you want to get out, we can show you how to make your own exodus the Prince Hall Affiliation.


Worshipful Master Bro. Bernard R. Bethea       
Senior Warden Bro. James Ingram
Junior Warden Bro. Ronald Robinson
Secretary Bro. Ronno Tucker
Treasurer Bro. Isaac Robinson
Senior Deacon Bro. Ladez Ingram
Junior Deacon Bro. Rosbene Shields
Chaplain Bro. Reginald Johnson
Marshall Bro. Anthony Potter
Senior Steward Bro. Kareem Francis
Junior Steward Bro. Garrett Lee
Tyler Bro. Clifton Walker



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