Officers - 2009

2009 Officers installed
Royal Arch Masons Humboldt Chapter No. 52 R.A.M. - 2014
Office Name
High Priest James B Briggs
King Will Shull
Scribe William A. McBroome, Jr PHP
Treasurer Gary R. Quintrell, PHP
Secretary Gary R. Quintrell,
Chaplain Donald C. Podratz, PHP
Captain of the Host William S. Dann, PHP
Principal Sojourner Michael Biesen, PHP
Royal Arch Captain Peter Lindke
Master of the First Veil Matthew Lanning
Master of the Second Veil John Gonsalves
Master of the Third Veil Charles Taylor
Sentinel Milton M. Abbott, Jr., PREGC

Cryptic Masons Pacific Council No. 37 C.M - 2013
Office Name
Illustrious Master James B. Briggs
Deputy Master Daniel Janney, PIM
Principal Conductor of the Work William A. McBroome, PIM
Treasurer Gary R. Quintrell, PIM
Recorder Gary R. Quintrell, PIM
Chaplain Donald C. Podratz, PIM
Captain of the Guard Michael E. Biesen, PIM
Conductor of the Council Gary R. Quintrell, PIM
Steward Peter A. Lindke
Sentinel Milton M. Abbott, Jr., PREGC

Knights Templar Eureka Commandery No. 35 K.T.- 2014
Office Name
Commander Michael E. Biesen
Generalissimo William A. McBroome, PC
Captain General Peter Lindke
Senior Warden Will Shull
Junior Warden Russell Mills, PC
Treasurer Gary R. Quintrell, PC
Recorder Gary R. Quintrell, PC
Prelate Donald C. Podratz, PC
Sword Bearer James B. Briggs, PC
Standard Bearer Daniel B. Janney, PC
Warder John Gonsalves
Sentinel Charles Taylor

Webmaster James B. Briggs