The mission of Freemasonry in North Carolina is to raise the moral, social, intellectual, and spiritual conscience of society by teaching the ancient and enduring philosophical tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth, which are expressed outwardly through service to God, family, country, and self under the Fatherhood of God within the Brotherhood of Man.

--Mission statement of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina

Freemasonry is devoted to high ideals, community service and charity. North Carolina's Ancient Free and Accepted Masons support the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford and the Masonic and Eastern Star Home for the elderly in Greensboro.

The term Freemason appeared as early as 1212 in connection with the master builders who traveled about Europe erecting churches and cathedrals. These builders were called Freemasons because they were free to travel when many others were in bondage.

The Freemasons knew that so long as their art was practiced by few, the demand for their services would continue. To protect their livelihood the Freemasons formed lodges. They were selective of those applying to join, determined that the secrets of their art should be handed down only to those fit to receive and perpetuate them.

The Freemasons were highly regarded not only for their great building achievements, but also for their circumspect behavior and their loyalty to their fellows. Many sought admission to their lodges but few were chosen.

Today, as then, prospective candidates must seek admission. Freemasonry does not recruit members but inquiries about membership are welcomed.

Freemasonry Revealed, published by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina, is an excellent source for additional information.

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