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Masonic Web Awards are basically a 'virtual award' given from one Masonic website to another, by either asking the other website's Webmaster to review their website and if deemed worthy, then the award is presented to the other Webmaster, who proudly displays the award, or by another Masonic Webmaster simply happening across a Masonic website, being pleased by the over all appearance and content of that site, and then offering their website's award to them as a token of esteem for a website well done. There are only a few Masonic sites that actually offer Masonic Web Awards, and it's not a requirement to either have a Masonic Web Award to offer, nor to have to ask for one from another website, it's simply something that some Masonic Webmasters choose to participate in, so that they may promote their Lodge's website in a positive manner. In addition, and most important, Masonic Web Awards also serve a three-fold purpose:

First, they are given in recognition for the website's design and the information contained therein. This isn't something that any single Webmaster can claim as an award for them only, for it takes the body of the Lodge to make a website successful. The Webmaster simply uses the information received to place on the site, and uses his web designing experience to make that information appealing to both Masons and non-Masons alike. So while a Masonic Web Award recognizes another site for its over all content and appearance, it also it meant as a gesture of appreciation for a Masonic Lodge's determination to promote Freemasonry to the online community.

Second, Masonic Web Awards help to bring together Freemasons from all parts of the 'Internet" world, just as we come together physically in a Lodge or Grand Lodge, and extent a hand of fellowship to other Masons who have taken the same travels that we all have. It also demonstrates solidarity from within our Beloved Craft, in that Freemasonry extends beyond the four walls of our physical Lodge and that we are truly a Fraternity of men, where we can come together in one mind and one accord, even though we may be separated by state lines, country borders or even oceans.

Third, Masonic Web Awards are a unique way of promoting a Lodge's website, with the hopes of promoting Freemasonry as a whole, as well as a tool to assist in attracting men of goodwill to our Fraternity. When a website is given a Masonic Web Award from another site, the award itself is 'linked' back to the originating site of the award, where there is usually a list of recipients of that award, where the site that received the award is listed and 'linked' back to them. It's in essence a trade, if you will, where one website is promoted by another website, and that promotion is reciprocated by the other.

It's not a 'race', or an attempt to determine whose website is 'best' or the 'prettiest', it's simply another useful tool to bring both Masons and Masonic websites together, to promote our Craft to the online community, and above all, stimulate positive interest in our Fraternity, and hopefully stimulate growth within our ranks by offering 'Good Men" a desire to become 'Better Men' by uniting with us.


Prepared by Bro. Darrell G. Waddell - 12/01/2006