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January 2010


As we begin a new year, let us reflect on our past, as we look toward our future. Each of us must decide what Freemasonry and Duvall Lodge means to us.

Our history spans more than two hundred years, and it has been a great and wonderful history indeed. The brethren who have preceded us made Freemasonry and Duvall Lodge an important part of their lives. The records of Duvall Lodge indicate their commitment to making Duvall a vital part of this community.

Now it is our turn. We must take up the banner that has been carried by those who have gone before us. And in doing so, we must ask ourselves what commitment we are willing to make. Will we offer our support in our attendance, our participation, and our finances? To function properly, it will take all of us working together. If one declines to shoulder his responsibility, then others must carry his weight.

Our new Master, Worshipful Brother Stan Robinson has set out an ambitious agenda for this year. It is an agenda that has many possibilities, but it is also one that is open to discussion. He has invited all to offer comments and suggestions. He has set us on course to have a great year. But, he canít do it alone. He must have your support. Please take the time to attend Lodge on the first and third Tuesday of each month. And if you canít attend Lodge, contact him and ask what you can do to help carry your portion of the load. There are many opportunities for you to take part.

As I start the year as your new Secretary, I ask all to contact me if I can help you in any way. I also ask that you keep me updated on any changes to your addresses and phone numbers. We do have an e-mail contact list. If you will give me your address, Iíll be happy to add it to the list.


Bill Riggs, PM