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Why The Name "Duvall"?


Brother William Pope DuVal was born at Mount Comfort, Virginia in 1784 (near present day Richmond).  He came to Bardstown, Kentucky at the age of 14 and studied law. And was the first Junior Warden of Bardstown #38 (He never served as Master of the Lodge however). DuVal became a Kentucky Congressman and appointed a territorial Judge of Florida in 1822. He served one month and then President James Monroe appointed him Governor of the Florida territory. He was later reappointed to the same position by Presidents Adams and Jackson.

He sent his sons, Burr Harrison DuVal and John Crittenden DuVal, back to Bardstown to be educated at St. Joseph College. (John C. DuVal was born in 1816 while his father, William P. was Junior Warden of #38). While in Bardstown the Texas Revolution (aka The Texas War of Independence) broke out.  Burr H. DuVal formed a Company, called the Kentucky Mustangs. They went to Texas and fought under the command of Colonel James Walker Fannin. John C. DuVal was also a part of this company.

The Kentucky Mustangs were surrounded and eventually surrendered outside of Goliad, Texas after being promised that they would be held as prisoners, or paroled upon their honor to not continue to fight.

On order of Santa Anna, General José de Urrea turned command over to a subordinate, the prisoners were marched out and shot on March 27, 1836. Only seven escaped the massacre, John C. DuVal being one of them.  Dr. William H. Magee, also of Bardstown, was spared for his skills as a doctor, and three were spared by intercession.

John C. DuVal returned to Kentucky after the war, he later studied engineering at the University of Virginia. He returned to Texas as a surveyor, served as a Texas Ranger. He was a noted writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and is credited by some as the first Texas “man of letters”.

It is my contention that Duvall Lodge #6 F&AM was named in honor and memory of the DuVal family who served their country, and fought and died for the freedom of Texas. 

If anyone has direct information otherwise, we’ll entertain hearing from you, if not, then “That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it!”

Bro. Bill Riggs - 11/28/2006