Master Mason Degree - January 9, 2006

The lodge is holding a Master Mason Degree on January 9, 2006 and all members are encouraged to attend.  Take this opportunity to refresh yourself and spend time with brothers who have the same ideals, goals and principles as yourself.

  Sickness and Distress

To report Sickness and Distress or Family Members on Active Duty contact Brother Allan Cleveland at

  Did You Know???

In Blue Lodges, the calendar runs from the year 4000 B.C., the year in which it was once believed the world was created.  This was called the Year of Light (Anno Lucis) so the year 2004 A.D. becomes 6004 A.L. [A.D. + 4000 = A.L.]

  Collecting E-Mail Addresses

The lodge is attempting to collect all e-mail addresses from the brothers at the Cypress Lodge #1423.  The purpose is to distribute the monthly newsletter via electronic mail and then, mail only those newsletters via postal service as necessary.  This helps us become better stewards of the lodge funds and enables us to focus those funds on more charitable projects. Thank you.



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