Lodge History



          At the organizational meeting, held on May 29, 1963, the purpose of forming a new
     lodge is recorded in the minutes as "To create a Lodge filled with peace and good

     The first Stated Communication of Charles T. Morton Lodge No. 232, U.D., was
held at the Masonic Temple on Thursday, August 22, 1963. Occupying the chairs were:

     W.M.:           Fred J. Schomole, Jr.
     S.W.:            Tunis McGriffin
     J.W.              Thomas B. Traweek
     Act. Secy:    C. Dodson Morrisette
    Act. S.D.:      Vernon Crumpler
    Act. J.D.       William R Johnson,
    Tiler:             D.C. Carr, Tiler

   25 members and 17 visitors were present. Petitions were received from 4 applicants:

  A.D.S. Messick
  C.L. Jones
  H.D. Taylor
  Tracy F. Deyancourt

The first roll call indicated a total of 43 Members.

          On October 3, 1963, E.A. degrees were confered on A.D.S. Messick and C.L. Jones.
W. Paul Weaver was in the East and W.R. Johnson gave the lecture (his first time).
During 1963 degrees were conferred on the above-mentioned Brethren, plus John Pruhs
and R.F. Coppage. A.D.S. Messick was the first member raised to the Sublime Degree
of Master Mason. Bro Morrisette gave the lecture.

     A Charter was awarded on February 12, 1964, and the Lodge was duly consecrated
on March 10, 1964 with the following installed as officers:

W.M.:             Fred J. Schmoele, Jr.
S.W.:               Tunis McGriffin
J.W.:               Thomas B. Traweek
Secy.:              Willie V. Bradshaw
Treas.:            C.D. Morrisette
S.D.:                W.R. Johnson
J.D.:                Clarence P. Crouch
Chap.:             W.C. Hoffler
Sr. Steward:   W.P. Weaver
Tiler:               Carl Nelson

     Owens Lodge No. 164 donated Jewels which had ben worn by Bro. Charles T. Morton
and these were worn by the Officers. On March 26, 1964 the Lodge elected the following Trustees:

W. Alton Carswell
L.S. Parsons
Kenneth G. Gimbert
George F. Storminger
Charles C.Rawls

     On April 26, 1964 the first set of by-laws were approved. At the first Annual
Stated Communication December 16, 1964 the membership was reported as 61



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