A Note From the East
by Worshipful Master, Jon Clark

Dear Brothers,


I'd like to thank you from putting your trust in me to be Master of the Lodge for 2005.

I will do whatever I can to help make Converse one of the more active Lodges in the area, but I need your help to make that happen.

We are going to try to create some activities to help bring people BACK to the Lodge. We would like to see those faces that we have not seen in a really long time.

The first activity designed to do that is the Rusty Nail night on February 15th. During the Rusty Nail degree, we will simply reviews all the signs and passes of the three degrees to help "jog" your memory, and make you feel more comfortable in the Lodge setting. More information is in your newsletter regarding the Rusty Nail Degree. Remember, if you are a member of Converse Lodge, all you ever need is your dues card to gain admission to any meeting at Converse.

Below is a list of activities planned. I hope you will be there to help me make this plan become reality.

Have a great New Year!


Jon Clark, WM Converse #601


Converse Lodge #601

Plan for the year 2005


       A Mission and Vision Statement will be adopted

       Converse Lodge #601 will host a Rusty Nail Degree

        There will be a minimum of four social activities planned

        Four Newsletters will be sent out the first in January

        The Phone Tree will be used prior to every meeting

        Members will receive a copy of last meetings minutes from the Tyler upon entering the Lodge room. The minutes will also be collected by the Tyler upon leaving the Lodge room.

        Converse Lodge will host a Table Lodge and a Knife and Fork Degree

        All members who have been in Masonry for 25 years or longer will be recognized

        Converse Lodge will host a Past Masters Night

        Converse Lodge will attempt to gain pictures of all Past Masters