Welcome to Southside Commandery #83

Officers 2001
Commander Stephen D. Dorsey
Generalissimo Charles W. Modesit
Captian General Ernest E. Parrish
Senior Warden Dale M. Smith Sr.
Junior Warden Slater O. Matlock
Prelate Artemas E. Knee
Treasurer Lonnie Black
Recorder B.J. Young
Standard Bearer Ron Baker
Sword Bearer Chris Overbey
Warder Paul M. McCament
Sentinel Tommy R. Cantrell
Guard William Blanks
Guard Leslie Dunsmoor
Guard Dan King
Guard Bill Wells
Floor Instructor Paul McCament


 Due to the attack upon the United States and the horrendous loss of life in New York and the solemn mood that has befallen all Americans;


The Chapter and Counsel School of instruction scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday Morning September the 15th is hereby canceled.

By order of the High Priest and Thrice Illustrious Master of Hurst Chapter Counsel, Stephen Dorsey.


Furthermore, the Past Commander's banquet and Excaliber Award scheduled at Southside Commandery No. 83 at 6 p.m. on Saturday evening September the 15th is hereby canceled.

By order of the Eminent Commander of Southside Commandery No. 83, Stephen Dorsey.