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Wednesday, February 28, 2001



The February 2001 meeting of the Columbia Valley Scottish Rite Four Bodies was held at the Masonic Center in Columbia, Missouri.  The meeting opened at 6:50pm with the following members presiding:


Lodge of Perfection:


Venerable Master:  Bruce Chapman, 32

Senior Warden pro tem:  Mark Belcher 32

Almoner:  J. R. Latta 32

Asst Almoner: Jim Wade, 33

Treasurer:  Herb Watchinski, 32 KCCH

Tiler:  Floyd Eaton 32

Executive Secretary:  G W Parker, Jr., 32 KCCH


Chapter Rose Croix: 


Wise Master:  Chris Jessen, 32

Senior Warden pro tem:  Warren Oliver, 32

Council of  Kadosh:

Commander Pro Tem:  Brent Stewart 32 KCCH




Master of Kadosh pro tem:  Bill Browning, 32 (Will Brantley)

Prior pro tem: Richard Griffith, 33  (Bill Browning above)


Master of Kadosh (Will Brantley) unable to attend but emailed approval of 2001 budget.


S.G.I.G. Pers Rep:  Keith Neese, 33

Asst S.G.I.G. Pers Rep: Jim Haddox 32 KCCH


(Total of 18 present, see sign-up sheet).


  1. Minutes from November & December approved. 


  1. Members called from labor: 
    • Glenn Morris, 12/24/00, Quincy IL #1, Rose Croix service performed.
    • Wilford B. Spencer, 10/00, Mexico #354
    • William C. Haines, 9/30/00, La Plata #237, Masonic Service performed.
    • William J. Hagedorn, 2/24/01, Santa Fe #462


  1. Members ill:
    • Ill Bro Jim Grimes, St Louis SRF Administrator.
    • David Whittom, Poplar Bluff
    • Charles Rogers, Sun City AZ
    • Herb Watchinski, Columbia
    • Bill Vanderpool, Moberly


  1. Life Members:
    • David Priest, 32 (KCCH selectee), Hannibal #28, 12/3/00
    • Michael Glawson, 32, Fulton #48, 12/4/00
    • James Taylor, 32, Higbee #527, 2/21/01  (59 total)


  1. Demits, Suspensions, and Reinstatements: 
    • 18 end of year Suspensions for non-payment of two years dues (see atch list)
    • R  Jerry W. Hunter, 32, Twilight #114, 1/24/01


  1. Affiliations: 

§         Al Tutoli, 32, from New Haven CT in N Jurisdiction

§         Winston Buford, from St Louis

§         M Gary Epstein, 32, from St Louis


  1. New Candidate Petitions presented and approved: 

§        Have received three petitions from Jim Haddox, will approve at next meeting.

§        Tim Terrell, Twilight #114, 1st line Dean Christy, paid & approved.  He’s attending Joplin Reunion in March.


  1. Almoner Report:  J R Latta passed hat and collected $25.


  1. Bills & Treasurers Report:   Herb Watchinski provided the current balances for all accounts (see atch).  Gave summary of proposed 2001 budget (atch).  Bob King raised concern regarding Clinic’s 2% proposed payment to LOP.  Herb noted that the budget is a best guest effort.  Budget approved.


  1. Communications:  Exec Sec provided summary of key correspondence. 


  1. Old Business:
    1. Clinic Auction Fundraiser:  Mark Belcher (Chairman) provided summary of results.  We collected $2000+.  Informed Valley of successful benefit auction recently conducted in Fayette that raised $20,000+.  If Fayette can do it, so should we.  J R Latta has contact in Hannibal that may provide sports memorabilia for next auction.  Date for 2nd Annual Benefit Auction set for September 15th..  Mark has agreed to Chair.  Keith Neese suggested we think about changing location.  G W stated that TWA ticket info had been passed to Kevin Sample to process.  Brent Stewart and Bill Shansey have pledged $200 to supplement TWA ticket purchase as required.
    2. X-mas Party Dec 17th:  Over 80 attended our annual Holiday Gala.  Article in Mar newsltr.
    3. Demolay donation:  Keith Neese asked Exec Sec if we had received any response to our request for a financial statement from the local chapter.  Valley has donated $500 and would like to know where it is being spent.  Jim Wade said the chapter had received money from bank in Mexico for defunct chapter there.  Still need boys in chapter.
    4. Alcohol in building:  Will address at future meeting.


  1. New Business:
    1. Rainbow Girls:  Approved donation of $35 for ad in annual program.
    2. Burge Memorial:  Will conduct dedication of memorial at base of flagpole following Spring Reunion May 5.  Temple will address construction issue.
    3. Maundy Thursday Services:  Locations and dates/times discussed.  RSVPs required.  Article in Mar newsltr.
    4. Spring Reunion:  Director of Work, Jim Wade, has reserved Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for degree teams to practice.  All is progressing.  Article in Mar newsltr.  Will honor M. Fremont Shackleford 32 KCCH, from Iberia Lodge.
    5. Royal Order of Scotland:  Meeting at Adams Mark in St Louis 4/7/01.
    6. Clinic News:  Bob King says Dr Phil Dale will address meeting 3/10/01 and encouraged everyone to attend.  He will speak on the new pre school.  Screening will be held 4/7/01 and need volunteers.  J R Latta said volunteers would get their batteries recharged by seeing kids that they help.  Bob King will represent our Valley at meeting at Tan-Tara in the Ozarks 3/30.  Bob also suggested we begin placing Clinic brochures at our local Dentist offices etc..  He’s ordering new brochures from Supreme Council.
    7. Tender Sticks Donation:  5000 meat sticks donated by Ed Dent.  J R Latta provided background on Ed Dent and his daughter’s help from Shrine Hospital.  Samples of  Sticks provided to members.  Jim Wade volunteered to Chair committee to organized distribution and sale of the 5000 sticks.
    8. Kirksville Shrine Club meeting 3/27:  Richard Griffith encouraged Columbia area members to plan on attending special dinner meeting 3/27/01 at Kirksville. 
    9. Membership Committee:  Discussion on need for this key committee resulted in several volunteers.  Chris Jessen (Salem), J R Latta (Hannibal), Mark Belcher (Howard County), Sam Bornhauser (Columbia), Frank Eaton (Macon).  Committee meeting followed closing of  4-bodies meeting.  Exec Sec will provide list of all members in respective areas.  Incentives for 1st  line signers will be pursued.


With no further business appearing, and without objection, the Venerable Master closed the meeting at 8:30pm, peace and harmony prevailing.  Our next scheduled 4-Bodies meeting will be March 28th at 6:30pm.


Respectively submitted March 2, 2001 by:




G W Parker, Jr., 32 KCCH

Executive Secretary


Atch:             Account Balances

Detailed Account report

2001 Budget

2000 Suspensions listing

Sign-up sheet