BY Jack L. Metcalf

For several years now the Temple Board has wrestled with the problem of our parking lot. This year, they took the “bull by the horns” and asked the Vice President to obtain several new proposals. Four in all were obtained - the lowest being $27,000+. This included resurfacing the current lot and driveway, plus repairing the drains. It also included digging out the back grassy area, removing the dirt, shrubs, accumulated trash and replacing it with two grades of gravel, and compacting it for additional parking.
Burton Asphalt was selected; but when they went to the city of Euclid to obtain the permits, they were denied. The city said first that Burton was not on their approved list of contractors. Second, they said we needed an Engineering Drawing of the proposal.
After repeated contact with the city and no progress, Brother Shieman, Board President (he resides in the city of Euclid) called his councilman. His councilman got in touch with the councilman where the Temple is located; and together the three of them proceeded to work on the project.
After several meetings with the powers-to-be, the city said we would need a water retention basin as well as the Engineering Drawing. The drawing has been obtained at a cost of $l,500. The engineers don’t think we need a water retention basin or a sewer in the gravel section, as it could be drained to the rear of our lot. We now have to obtain new proposals to complete the project. The city also felt that the original quotes were too high. Based on that thought, we will pay closer attention to the new quotes. The city also stated it could be possible to obtain some Federal Neighborhood Grant money to help with any additional costs.
By the time you read this report, the Temple Board hopes to have the new quotes in hand, as well as the permits.
Yes, we still have hope of completing the project this year


Grand Lodge

BY Hob Miller, S.W.

Ten brothers accompanied by three wives traveled to Toledo, Ohio on the 17th of October to represent Collinwood Lodge at the annual Grand Lodge Communication.
It was again an exciting time! The anticipation of the one Grand Master retiring and a new one being elected, legislation to be considered and voted upon, new ideas to be presented and implemented, greeting familiar faces and meeting new ones, and sharing the experience with brothers, all combined to make this Grand Lodge session unique from all the rest.

Opening and Introductions
Lodge was opened in an outstanding manner by the brothers of North Baltimore Lodge, the home of our Grand Master Thomas E. Reynolds. Introductions began with (15) of the (21) living Past Grand Masters of Ohio being presented. This was followed by the reception of (11) Grand Masters or P.G.M.’s of other Jurisdictions and representatives from (16) more. This included several New England states, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C., as well as Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, and Indiana.
On a personal note, I was pleased to greet M.W.B. Ray Bellini, P.G.M., and now the Grand Secretary of New Jersey, whom I have met on several occasions, both in New Jersey as well as here in Ohio. He was my Grand Master in 1987-88; he joined in the centennial celebration of Penns Grove Lodge #162, my home lodge in N.J., in 1989; he helped smooth the merger of that lodge with another in 1994; he participated in the cornerstone laying ceremony of the new temple for Penns Grove Lodge #54 in 1999, and was instrumental in processing the paperwork for my dual membership with Collinwood Lodge later that year. It was an added joy to see this friend and brother again.
Several visitors made comment about the Grand Master’s One Day Class and the effect it has had on them and all of Freemasonry. Perhaps the most succinct remark was made by M.W.B. James Russell, P.G.M. of Delaware, who observed that Ohio’s new 7,752 Master Masons was 1.4 times the total number of Masons in his entire state.

Grand Master’s Address
The Grand Master’s address summarized the activities of the Grand Lodge during this past year. It’s central theme was familiar, “Working Together, Improving the World.” It demonstrated in many different ways how this theme was carried out and implemented throughout the state. It emphasized, of course, the One-Day Class and its impact on Ohio, where there are now a total of 131,557 Masons.
It was then noted that at the 25 Grand Master’s district receptions that were held throughout the state, 91% of the Worshipful Masters were in attendance, and 97% of all Ohio lodges were represented.

It also reflected the personal side of the brotherhood of Freemasonry. It showed many instances of caring and sharing, and how the involvement of Ohio Masons in the Special Olympics prompted the numerous fund-raising efforts of many of the lodges in their behalf. There were several stories of personal courage in the face of adversity, and some related how Masons helped brother Masons or other members of the community at large.

There were six pieces of legislation held over from last year, and four more to be considered for immediate action this year. The first item was to increase the cost of an endowed membership from $600 to $800. After brief discussion, this passed by an overwhelming majority. The increase goes into effect on 31 July 2003. If an endowed membership is purchased or if arrangements are made for an installment purchase by that date, the cost is only $600.
The second piece of legislation requires that a vote to petition for the consolidation of lodges be approved by a majority of the members present at a stated meeting, and that after all members are notified, a final vote must be approved in the same manner. This also passed without contention.
The third item proposed that all records and property of a lodge that surrenders its charter become the property of the Grand Lodge. This proposal was deemed to be in an improper format and was, therefore, discarded without being voted on.
The next three items were all defeated, but not without considerable discussion. To open the lodge and conduct business in the Entered Apprentice degree has been discussed in the past, but seems to have gained more widespread appeal. However, the manner in which it was presented would require it to be done versus leave it to the discretion of the Master. This caused an avalanche of discontent, and raised many interesting scenarios. It will undoubtedly be presented in the future, and probably approved, after some kinks are worked out.
The prohibition of alcoholic beverages has always been a hot topic, but this year the emphasis shifted to identifying the buildings to which this applied, and particularly to who owned them. The discussion left many in confusion, some in disgust, and the resolution ended in defeat.
The appointment of district advisors by the Grand Master has long been an annual practice and is well within the authority of the Grand Master. It was, therefore, deemed unnecessary to put this into legislation and promptly defeated. None of the items presented this year were approved for immediate consideration, and will be held for next year.

New Grand Master
Elections were held, and to no one’s surprise, M.W.B. William P. Mayberry is the new Grand Master of Ohio. His theme for the coming year is:\

“Freemasonry - Building a Brighter Tomorrow.”
As customary, his installation was very much a family affair, with his wife, children, grandchildren, and other relatives and special friends in attendance. An interesting sidenote that made it even more special was that his son was installed as Grand Tyler, one of the three personal appointments of the Grand Master.

New District Deputy
The Grand Master’s work and responsibility is so great that it would be impossible for him to do it without an enormous amount of help. Grand Lodge accommodates this need for dedicated assistance by providing for the appointment of District Deputy Grand Masters. This year, as in the past, several DDGM’s retired and new ones were appointed. However, this year the position of District Education Officer was eliminated, and since he assisted the DDGM in some of his duties, several additional DDGM positions were created to relieve the increased burden. The objective was to reduce the number of lodges for which one deputy was responsible from about 10 or 11 to about 7 or 8. This meant that in our 22nd Masonic District, one additional appointment was made as our DDGM’s increased from 4 to 5. With two deputies retiring, we, therefore, had 3 new appointments.
1. R.W.B. John H. Whitehouse, Jr., a Past Master of Clifton-Gaston Allen Lodge #664, who was apppointed as a District Education Officer last year, is now the new District Deputy Grand Master assigned to Collinwood Lodge. We welcome him to our lodge and hope to see him at many of our activities.
2. R.W.B. Eric R. Schau, a Past Master of Frank S. Harmon Lodge #663, who was our D.E.O. last year, is now assigned as the DDGM for Raymer-Covenant Lodge, and
3. R.W.B. Neal E. Hubbard, a Past Master of King Solomon Lodge #56.
The two DDGM’s continuing from last year are R.W.B. James O. Gillahan, assigned to Acacia Lodge, and R.W.B. Robert J. Draye.


The Ongoing History of Collinwood Lodge

BY Roman Vaynshtok

The Lodge’s first meeting was held on October 29, 1899, for the purpose of organization and electing officers. Furnishings and paraphernalia were obtained from the Grand Lodge and, being in somewhat poor condition, were rehabilitated by one of the Charter Members, Bro. Ralph C. Sheppard, a cabinet-maker. The Officers jewels were secured, which once the prop

erty of Clarington Lodge #263, and these are still worn by our Officers today. Finances were raised by two subscriptions from members, and money borrowed on a note from the Wade Park Bank, of which W. F. Parsons, a Charter Member, was President. The total amount was $892.00 of which $490.00 was subscribed by the members, and $402.00, including $2.00 interest, being borrowed from the bank.
Collinwood Lodge was regularly constituted on February 20, 1900. That evening a banquet was held at the nearby Hotel Gilbreath for members and their wives to celebrate that auspicious occasion. The Lodge’s first candidate was Walter Carter, whose father owned a farm on the South Side of St. Clair in the vicinity of what is now E. 147 St. Coincidentally, this Brother Passed away on August 4, 1915, five days before the death of our first Master.
In their petition to form a new lodge, the members desired that it be named Guilliford Lodge, in honor of the Grand Master, but it was well-settled policy that names of living persons could not be used and thus the Grand Lodge substituted the name of Collinwood. This petition contained 38 names, but our Charter only lists 36 because two failed to submit their dimits, and the third could not supply sufficient information about his home lodge. These names are listed in the enclosed 1965 Year Book of Collinwood Lodge, which also records all the members in good standing on that date, those who have passed on since our lodge’s inception, as well as other pertinent information. If so desired, short biographical sketches of our Charter Members can be made available from our oldest living Past Master, Wor. Bro. George H. Frazine (W.M. 1910, 1911), who is solely responsible for supplying this, and all other, very early history of our lodge. Wor. Bro. George is ninety-one years young.



Past Masters Awards night

BY Robert Hager

Collinwood Lodge #582 held its annual Past Masters Awards night on Monday, October 28th. The evening got off to a great start with a delicious roast beef dinner prepared for us by Dixie Duncan. The Rainbow Girls saw to it that the crowd of more than 50 people, including Masons and their guests, were well taken care of. Many of the guests complimented the festive Halloween decorations in the dining area, including fall centerpieces and small pumpkins filled with candy. While they ate they were entertained by folk singer Bill Keener.
89 Worshipful Masters have served Collinwood in its 103-year history, 23 of which are still living. The following 15 Past Masters were present at the meeting:
John T. Reid (1941) W. H. Gall (1950)
Carl E. Schmidt (1960, 1987) Milan Borota (1963)
William R. Freitag (1971) Joseph Geraci (1974)
Paul C. Brummett (1975) Donald J. Cochell (1982, 1983)
Harold W. Ullman (1980) Jack L. Metcalf (1984, 2001)
John J. Cochell (1990, 1997) Wayne E. Seaman (1994)
Thomas C. Hance (1996) Clare W. Mansperger (1999)
Robert A. Smalley (2000)
All of them were honored for their distinguished service and each one recalled some memories of their time in the East, which, as a group spanned a period of over 60 years.
Two of Collinwood’s members received awards for their years of service. Jimmy Geraci received a pin and certificate for 35 years. Like all other 35-year members of Collinwood, Jimmy can now enjoy the privilege of having his dues paid by the lodge. Don Cochell was presented with a pin and certificate for 25 years. Worshipful Master Joe Duncan and Right Worshipful John Whitehouse, District Deputy Grand Master, representing the Grand Lodge of Ohio in his first official activity, presented the awards.
Right Worshipful Chuck Berry, past District Deputy Grand Master and a member of North Star Lodge gave a presentation on the Masons and their impact on American history titled “Architects of Freedom.”


Cuyahoga County Fair

BY John Cochell

The Cuyahoga County Blue Lodge Association (CCBLA) hosted a Masonic Information Booth at the Cuyahoga County Fair held August 5 thru August 11. The Lodges from our county helped to staff the booth during the Fair. The following Collinwood Lodge people were there to assist: WB Robert Smalley and his wife Alice, WB Thomas Hance, RWB John Cochell
The Booth was set up very similarly to the type that Collinwood Lodge uses for the Euclid Home Days, which we have participated in for the past several years. The Booth is designed to answer questions about our Fraternity and to remind the community of the many good works that our Fraternity does. Many people ask, “Well how did you do…how many petitions did you get?” The purpose of the booth is stated above. If we happen to get petitions, great. However, this is not the immediate purpose of hosting these booths.
The people selling the food at the Fair told us that the number of people was off this year. However, the level of activity at our booth was noticeably greater then we have seen in previous years. Maybe it was the hot weather driving people indoors (where our booth was). Maybe it was the fact that people are becoming used to seeing the Fraternity at the local community Fairs. Maybe it is something more…perhaps the trend of increased interest of Freemasonry we have begun seeing is continuing to grow.
The CCBLA will be hosting the booth again next year. It proves to be a lot of fun for those who participate. Anyone who wants to get on next year’s list of participants should contact John Cochell, Committee Chairman. See you at the Fair!