Mother’s Day Brunch

Over 40 people attended this outstanding event. Worshipful Master Joe Duncan, in his chef’s hat, assisted by Junior Steward Bro. Mike Mayle, prepared a wonderful meal. The food seemed to just keep coming! No sooner had you finished one course, when another one appeared. Everyone had fun. Lots of conversation. And to top it off, all 21 ladies were presented with an orchid corsage.
Great job, Joe!


Railroaders’ Lapel Pin in Demand !

Last spring, the brothers of Collinwood Lodge agreed to purchase a lapel pin that had been designed by Senior Steward Bro. Roman Vaynshtok It was reviewed by members of the lodge who offered several astute suggestions. The design features a large steam engine curving toward you on a set of tracks with the Masonic emblem as the headlight. The border around the large circular pin contains the lodge name, number, and date of constitution.
When it was received last September, it immediately became a hit. There are many, many railroad enthusiasts in and around Cleveland, and quite a few in Pennsylvania. Many Masons, as well as non-Masons, have inquired as to how they can get one of our pins. Here’s how.
It has been given in lodge to the brothers of Collinwood Lodge as well as to our Masonic visitors. This was part of the plan. By wearing our pin on our lapel, we invited others to ask and hear about Collinwood Lodge, and we have offered our pin as an incentive to attend. To publicize our lodge, our Worshipful Master authorized our pin to be given to the current Masters of other lodges we visit. Other Masonic brothers can receive our Railroaders’ pin simply by attending our lodge. The long term plan is that we will continue to do this for first-time visitors, whom we always recognize and greet west of the altar.
It is also our intent to distribute our pin to our entire Collinwood membership. If you have not yet received your lodge pin, you may receive it in lodge, or if you are unable to attend, it will be sent to you. When you get it, wear it. And invite others to inquire about your lodge and our great Masonic Fraternity.


New Honorary Member

At the April 22nd stated meeting of Collinwood Lodge, the brethren cast a unanimous ballot to elect Bro. Harvey G. Garrett as an honorary member of our lodge. This is in recognition of his long and continued service to Collinwood Lodge and his active participation in our degree work. He also has been a willing volunteer in preparing and serving meals on special occasions, such as installation and inspection.
The formal presentation of his Honorary Membership was conducted at the May 13th meeting just prior to the conferring of the Fellowcraft Degree and caught Bro. Harvey by surprise.
Another honorary member of Collinwood Lodge, R.W.B. Richard J. Davis, joined Bro. Garrett, the Worshipful Master and the Wardens at the altar and recounted the story of our first honorary member, W.B. Arthur L. Wight, who was the organizer and first Master of Charles T. Raymer Lodge #683, and a former member and Past Master of Collinwood Lodge.
In Collinwood’s 103 year history, Bro. Harvey became only our fifth honorary member. Other honorary members are Past Grand Master William R. Pringle and PDDGM Donald D. Crites, who sent his regrets from Florida and was not able to attend.
Bro. Harvey is a member of Raymer-Covenant Lodge #683 which also meets at the Euclid Masonic Temple. He was born on June 22nd, 1911 and was raised a Master Mason on Flag Day, June 14th, 1937.
We welcome Bro. Harvey to our midst and hope he will continue to feel welcome and join us in all of our activities.


June 10th - Master Mason Degree

Bro. Robert Hager will give his proficiency exam in the F.C. degree and receive the M.M. degree at the stated meeting on June 10th. Come and join us on this special evening as we raise a new brother. As in the first two degrees, his uncle, Bro. Ted Thomas of Medina Lodge #58 in the 20th District, will be acting as Senior Deacon.


Grand Master’s Excellence in Youth Award

At the Grand Master’s Reception on April 27, the two outstanding youths nominated by Collinwood Lodge and also sponsored by both Raymer-Covenant and Acacia Lodges, were presented the Grand Master’s Excellence in Youth Award for the Year 2002.
Miss Kelly Collins of Euclid Assembly #83 was the recipient for the Order of the Rainbow for Girls. She is a Past Worthy Advisor, a past and present Grand Officer, and will be installed again as Worthy Advisor on the 1st of June. She has been active in Rainbow for seven years and is currently attending Lake County Community College.
Brother Andrew Federer of Euclid City Chapter, Order of DeMolay, received the award as the outstanding DeMolay in the 22nd Masonic District. He is a Past Master Councilor and has been recognized for his expertise in playing the Scottish bagpipes. He recently joined Raymer-Covenant Lodge #683 and was their inspection candidate for the Master Mason degree.


New Senior Deacon

Bro. Roman Vaynshtok has agreed to move up to the position of Senior Deacon, following the resignation of Bro. Rich TeLoeken, who has been going to Graduate School at Cleveland State University. We support Bro. Rich in his decision to concentrate his efforts on his advanced studies and wish him well in all his endeavors. We still hope to see him around the lodge and throughout the district, as he has been one of our most frequently traveling brothers