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Baron Steuben Lodge #264 

A Mason's Wife

From active Masons, resolute,

Our wives and fam'lies we salute;

We surely know the price you pay,

Who sit alone while we're away;


No high degrees on you conferred,

In Lodge, your name is seldom heard;

You serve our cause though out of sight,

While sitting home alone tonight;


Masonic papers list our names,

Awards are given, fit to frame;

But yours is who strive,

To keep our fortitude alive;


You're part of every helpful deed,

On your encouragement we feed;

Without your blessings, how could we,

Continue acts of charity?


And so, this poem, we dedicate,

To every Master Mason's mate;

And offer our undying love,

Rewards await in Heaven above.


~Author Unknown~