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Baron Steuben Lodge #264 

Our Worshipful Brother, George Washington

Masonry has many claims

Including presidential names,

And, foremost, when all's said and done

Would have to be George Washington.


He led our troops in many fights

He helped compose our 'Bill of Rights,"

That all his people might be free

Enjoying life and liberty.


Americans still say today

"We're lucky that we live this way,"

For many, how surprised they'd be

To learn it sprang from Masonry.


For Washington, the Masons knew

Masonic principles were true,

And Masons know around this Earth

They came to be before his birth.


With other Masons, so conceived

He simply wrote what he believed,

Those thoughts and words that set us free

Are not unique in Masonry.


But not too many people know

The liberties they treasure so,

Were put into our Constitution

By Masons from the Revolution.


George Washington is praised by all

For answering his country's call,

For being president so wise,

For never telling any lies.


To each American, he's a part

Of what we treasure in our heart,

To love him not, would be like treason

Though each may have his own good reason.


But Masons o'er the years have cared

In knowing principles we've shared,

It's Washington we praise tonight

He truly shared Masonic Light.


~Author Unknown~




George Washington