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Baron Steuben Lodge #264 

"Masonry and Me"

Masonry, O Masonry
what are you really?
are you a secret society
or an extraordinary fraternity?
That I once asked my daddy,
and this is what he told me:
"Enter, and you'll see."

His answered puzzled me.
To myself came this query:
How can that ever be,
for I'm a girl who clearly
can't join a fraternity?

I remained as quiet as I could be,
but thanked God who blessed our family
with a man who cares,
a man who shares,
a man who loves and respects
every living thing.

I know I'll grow up
to be a woman-
one who was brought up correctly
by a loving mother
and a Mason father
to do the will of God Almighty.

When the right time comes
for me to face the altar
to exchange vows with a man,
I wish he is a Mason
because I know my children
will also be brought up me!


This was written by a young lady, Kara Inigo, who was inspired at the age of eleven by her dad, uncles, grandfather, and great grandfather, who were all Masons. Friends of Kara's dad convinced her to allow her work to be published in "Cabletow", a quarterly reading material from her father's Lodge, and I want to thank her for sharing it with me to post here.

"Actually, when I read about Freemasonry as something bad, I was the one who was mad, not my Dad." Kara states. "He didn't say a word about it. I hope that you will enjoy reading my poem, and it will convince you that Freemasonry can offer a good outlook for your children."





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