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The Cloverdale Traveling Trowel is now ready for action. The requirements to retrieve this are: the Worshipful Master, 2 Elected Officers, 1-50 year member, 1 member under 21 years of age, and 2 other Brethren for a total of Seven members of your lodge. The Trowel can only move on a Stated Meeting night. We invite any Lodge to join us on the third Thursday at 7:30 p.m. to enjoy the fellowship and take this Traveling Trowel back to their Lodge. Update the Trowel is now Back in Cloverdale Lodge  
We have the following Traveling Gavels and Cane in our possession the requirements for each are:

Labrobee Lodge # 131 Traveling Gavel which we went to Mooresville Lodge to get takes more of your members to be present than we have at a meeting.

Six Mile Lodge # 412 Traveling Cane which we went to Spencer Lodge to get, Takes 6 members of which 3 must be installed Officers and can only move on the Master Mason Degree.

We at Cloverdale Lodge #132 invite any Lodge to come and visit us and take one of these Traveling Trophies back with you.











































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