Assembly Awards

2007 Grand Assembly Competition Results


Assembly Skit

Fourth Place


Individual Scrapbook

Third Place - Brooke Kelley


Most Enthusiastic Assembly

Third Place - Cherokee Assembly No. 80


Pledge Apron

First Place - Cora Harris


Junior Apron

Third Place - Megan Jenks


Pledge Miss Southern Belle

First Place - Cora Harris


Junior Miss Southern Belle

Second Place - Jade Sperin


Adult Worker of the Year

Mrs. Betty Anderson


2007 Ritualistic Competition Results


Love, Junior Division

Fourth Place - Candace Henson


Nature, Junior Division

First Place - Desiree Patterson


Mistress of the Bow

Second Place - Sarah Plemmons


Mistress of the Line

Honorable Mention - Jade Sperin


Assembly Competition

Third Place - Cherokee Assembly No. 80



Congratulations to all these girls for all of their hard work and enthusiasm!!


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