Cary - Grove Lodge #1157
28 South Northwest Hwy.
Cary,  Il. 60013

"Welcome" to the Cary-Grove Lodge #1157 web site.  Cary-Grove Lodge  #1157 has stated meetings on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  All stated meetings start prompty at 7:30 pm.  Brothers also meet on all other Wednesdays for officer ritual work, degree instruction or pool tournaments on the lower level.

Cary - Grove Lodge # 1157 was Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Illinois on October 13, 1927 and is the home of Freemasons, dedicated to the betterment of mankind and our community in general.  We believe that Masonry is a way of life and that Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth are attributes that all men should attempt to cultivate.

Freemasonry is a fraternal organization for men which furthers the principles of brotherhood.  When a man asks to join a Masonic Lodge he enters into an opportunity for personal development and character building which enhances his community, strengthens his family ties and extends his involvement in charitable causes

Men who are Freemasons take great pride in their membership for many reasons, prominent among which is the feeling that they are part of a greater force dedicated to worthy purposes.  Freemasonry is a system of living; it seeks nothing for itself but to make its members wiser, better and consequently happier.  Freemasonry makes good men better.

Cary-Grove Lodge #1157 invites you to a "home cooked" meal before the second stated meeting of each month.  All meals start promptly at 6:30 pm.

Cary-Grove Lodge #1157 Officers for 2014

Anthony Colletti
Worshipful Master
Tom Siers
Senior Warden
Dave Stedman
Junior Warden
Ed Waters, WPM
Sam Camden, WPM
Bill Dew, WPM
Lenny Huff
Senior Deacon
Andy Oxford
Junior Deacon
Matt Popavitch
Senior Steward
Jim Stell
Junior Steward
Bruce Saunders, WPM
Joe Miechle

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