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Meetings First and Third Monday of the Month (September to April Inclusive)
Tyle at 19:30 Unless otherwise stated
  Month Date Degree Comment 
  September 2014 1st First Annual PGLOS Visitation, Lodge Tyles at 7.15pm  
    15th Second Conferred by Lodge Moorpark No.1263.  
    21st Annual Devine Service St James Parish Church, Thornhill Road, Falkirk. 2pm for 2.30pm Service. Lodge Callendar host Lodge 2014.   
    22nd Mark Degree Emergency Meeting 
    24th Visitation - Second Lodge Carron No.139, Masonic Hall, 234 Main Street, Stenhousemuir 
  October 2014 6th Third Conferred by Lodge Grange, Monifieth No.1073.  
    20th First Conferred by Lodge Camelon No.1456.  
  November 2014 3rd Second Conferred by Lodge Dolphin No.911.  
    17th Third   
  December 2014 1st N/A Annual Installation. 
    15th TBC   
  January 2015 5th TBC   
    19th TBC   
  February 2015 2nd TBC   
    16th TBC   
March 2015 2nd TBC
    16th TBC   
  April 2015 6th TBC   
    20th TBC Past Masters Degree TBC 

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