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  Regular Meetings are held on 1st & 3rd Monday (September to April) - 7.30 pm 
  The Annual Installation is held on the First Monday in December - 7.15 pm 
  Located in the centre of Falkirk, Lodge Callendar 588 is just off the High Street - the main shopping precinct. It is 5 minutes walk from Grahamston Station. Buses are very regular into Newmarket Street - 2 minutes walk. 
  The Lodge Building is a purpose built Masonic Temple which was completed in 1906 over 100 years ago. In this regard it is quite a unique edifice in it's own right with particularly distinctive Masonic elements in the architecture. Elements which are appropriate to purpose and particularly significant to Freemasons 
  The Lint Riggs is home to a number of fine sandstone buildings.  
  Lint Riggs or 'fields of flax' is a reminder of Falkirk's agricultural past also present in names like Cow Wynd, Bean Row and Newmarket Street. Until the middle of the 18th Century linen was the major clothing material in lowland Scotland though there is no record of major production in or around Falkirk. Before 1903 the street was just wide enough to allow a horse and cart to pass through but the great improvement scheme of that year produced the present layout with several fine sandstone buildings. Most striking in the Masonic Temple on the south-east side with its classical Corinthian style of architecture and a fine inscribed door entrance complete with balustrade. It is the only Masonic Temple in the district and was completed in 1906 for Lodge Callendar No.588, the second lodge of freemasons to be established in the town. The internal decoration and furnishing is very interesting, especially the outstanding painted windows with their floral patterns.  
  The Masonic Temple on the south-east side is undoubtedly the most architecturally significant with its classical Corinthian style of architecture and a fine inscribed door entrance complete with balustrade. 
  The internal decoration and furnishings are very interesting. Most notable are the outstanding five painted windows each represents a Principal Office Bearer namely - The Right Worshipful Master in the centre flanked on either side by the Worshipful Senior and Junior Wardens. The two Wardens are flanked on their other side by windows representing the Senior and Junior Deacons.  
  Depicted on each window are the symbols and paraphernalia which pertain to each of those Offices. 
  All in all this is an exceptional Masonic lodge building. Every man who becomes a member of the Craft within these walls can and does feel rightly proud to be a small part of ideals mapped out for the future by our forebears. Foresight determination and vision saw their dream of building and owning a superb home for the Lodge become reality. 

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