A Real Mason By Brother Frank F. Baer

My Brother, Masonry means more

Than just to wear a pin,

Or caring a dues receipt

So the lodge will let you in.

You wear an emblem on your coat,

And on your hand ring.

Itís just and outward sign to show

The world that you belong

To this Fraternal Brotherhood

That teaches right from wrong.

What really counts lies buried deep

Within the human breast;

Masonic teaching brings it out

And puts it to the test

If you can do outside the lodge

The things you learn within,

Be just and upright to yourself

And to your fellow men;

Console a Brother when heís sick,

Or help him when in need

Without a thought of a reward

For any act or deed.

Conduct yourself in such in such a way

The world without can see

None but the best can meet the test

Laid down by Masonry.

Respect and live up to your trust

And do the best you can;

Then you can tell the world you are

A Mason and a Man!

By Brother Frank F. Baer