Masonic Student Assistance Program [MSAP]

In these times it's easy for kids to get lost. When a child is in pain, it's easy to turn to drugs, alcohol, depression or gangs as a way to ease the pain. And when that happens, everyone loses -- kids, families, schools, and the community.

Because Masons care about kids, they offer a free workshop for California state educators, administrators, and support staff in schools from kindergarten through high school. Called MSAP, this three-day workshop teaches participants how to indentify kids at risk and help them on the road to a successful life.

A core team from each participating school, consisting of an administrator, teachers, and other support staff members, attend the seminar. MSAP teaches each core team how to work with other personnel at their school to identify kids at risk, gather the necessary information about the child, and then develop a school-based action plan appropriate to the specific needs of each child. MSAP then provides specific stretegies for identification and intervention in the areas of academics, health, behavior, and attendance. 

Travel expenses such as air fare, the seminar, all materials, food, and lodging are provided free of charge by California State Masons. The only cost to participating schools is to provide substitute coverage where necessary. 

The CMF started sponsoring these MSAP workshops in 1994 with 5 classes for the 1994-1995 school year. It has since grown to 12 classes for the 1999-2000 school year, with additional booster classes added for those schools actively using the MSAP program in their schools. The 1999-2000 workshops are booked through July 2000, but please call with any questions you may have or to be placed on our waiting list (800) 900-2727.

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