by Brother Terry Crosby Jr.



Let me open by saying that "bad" publicity is still publicity and that any seed when planted has the "potential" to grow.

I didn't grow up around Freemasons and as far as I know none of my relatives are Freemasons. So, as you can see, my knowledge of Freemasonry wasn't just limited, it was non-existent.

My journey to becoming a Freemason started with "bad" publicity. A co-worker of mine, at the time, was and still is an anti-Mason. There wasn't a night that didn't go by at work without some comment being made about the "evils" of Freemasonry. This constant onslaught of his opinions finally started to get to me. The hard soil (my head) opened up and accepted the seeds. Questions started sprouting up, my curiosity was piqued and I had to find out for myself if this group was as bad as he believed.

First things first, where did someone find information on a secret organization. I do a lot of research on the Internet so I started there. For a "secret" organization I could not believe the wealth of info on the Internet. The more I dug the more I found. Sure there were the anti-Masonic sites as well as the good ones but a new perception was taking hold.

I started to read things about brotherly love, relief and truth. A necessity to believe in a supreme being. The true freedom of religion, nationality and opinion. Compassion for our fellow man. The practice of supporting your community and government. The need to strive for knowledge and wisdom. And I could go on and on but the main thing that really struck home was this simple concept, the practice of the teachings of Freemasonry makes a good man better.

This research was reinforced when I discovered that there were Freemasons right in my plant at work. The answers that I received to the many questions I asked followed what I had already read about on the Internet. I also learned that I had to petition the lodge that I wanted to join and I learned a little about the process of becoming a member.

What a drastic difference this picture was compared to my first introduction to Freemasonry. In my heart, at this point in my journey, I felt that being a Mason was a good thing and that it was something I wanted to do.

From my first phone call to my becoming a Brother in this great fraternity, it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I want to thank all the Brothers in the Argus Lodge for their part in helping me on the road to my becoming a Mason. My deepest thanks goes out to my sponsors for opening the door and to my coach for helping me through it.

If you are someone who is looking to find out what Free Masonry is all about, don't do so with the motive of proving something or someone wrong or right. Do so to find the true answers to the questions in your heart and mind. The rewards of truth are immense.



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