Author: R.W. Brother J.G.W. Kelley P.G.Lect.
Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory


This poem remains the property of the author but permission is given for its use in masonic circles. Should you wish to make contact with the author his email address is

The poem was written in two hours on the morning of the 9th February 2000 by R. W. Brother J. G. W. Kelley P. G. Lect. Grand Lodge of South Australia and the Northern Territory and presented by him at the final festive board of Torrens Park Lodge No.112. after surrender of the Lodge's Warrant. The final ceremony was well attended and very moving with the temperature 38-39 deg. C (over 100F).



With the closing of the Volume and the opening of a door,
Think not this Lodge has ended, think what has gone before.
Remember all those worthy men who as apprentice came,
And who developed love and skill and worked in friendship's name.

When you take up the Working Tools too gently put aside,
Think not their work has ended, think how they were applied.
Remember well the lessons taught, to craftsmen tried and true,
Of Masons worthy of the name and apron white and blue.

When your Tracing Boards are covered and the Columns laid at rest,
Think not their teaching ended, think more a message blessed.
Remember the special meaning to Master Masons all,
Of birth and life and learning and waiting for the call.

With the sounding of the gavel and as the lights at last go out
Think not your Lodge has ended, dispel all lingering doubt,
Master, Wardens, Brethren, remember as you depart,
Your Lodge will live forever in every Masons' heart.



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