by William R. Fischer



Freedom is a tough subject, mainly because some people think being free means that you can do what ever you want. Most of us know that is not true. What freedom really means, is that you are able to express yourself as you see fit, with out interference by the government or anyone else, as long as you do no harm to others.

There are political freedoms which will not be discussed here.

Freedom as a state of mind is much more powerful than any physical containment. To lose the body is to lose your worldly life but to lose control of your thoughts to another is definitely hell on earth for a free man. Think of those who were confined for years and when released, became a true leader of men. Their minds were free to think of what could be, rather than what is. They opened up their eyes to the possibility that, there is more than what was before them.

In Masonry freedom is defined as being free from the dominion of passion, pride, prejudice and all the other follies of human nature. We are also free from the false delusion that we need not be obedient to the laws.

As Masons we do not disobey the law. As individuals we help change the law or write new ones for the good of all. This is the way we became free. This is the way we will stay free physically, mentally and spiritually.



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