by William R. Fischer



In life challenge is abundant, life is a challenge, and because of this life has meaning.

In Operative Masonry the challenge was to build a great structure from rough stone. The challenge progressed from one building to another throughout the life of the Mason. He had a purpose and worked diligently with his brothers to fulfill that purpose.

In Speculative Masonry the challenge is to build a better person through instruction, deeds, and example. The purpose is no less noble than our operative brothers purpose, just more challenging.

Over the centuries Masonry has been persecuted by those who oppose it. Through these challenges Masonry has grown and become stronger. We have faced and defeated every challenge, and become satisfied. "Maybe too satisfied"

Now we face a new and more fearsome challenge.


As a teen, we did not care. "Who cares?" "It doesn't matter." Now as adults many of us have the same bad habits, but it does matter. The only challenge most Masons think they have, is memorization of the degree work. The only education is teaching that memorization.

We have forgotten our young brothers who are starving for knowledge and information about Masonry. Even now it had to be ordered by the Grand Master so there would be an educational talk at every meeting.

This brings up another challenge, our educators need to be enlightened before they can instruct others. All because of the lack of education and apathy.

No one cared

No one sought

No one taught

It's time for you to:



And teach, if given a chance.


Help face this challenge and help challenge others to learn, to seek, to ask and most of all to care.



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