by William R. Fischer



The Acacia tree is found in the aria known as Palestine during ancient times, today it is found all over Africa. Acacia looks like the mulberry tree, can grow to well over one hundred feet high and is a hard wood. The gum obtained from it is known as Arabic.

Acacia is a sacred Hebrew wood known in the scripture as "Shittah." The ark of the covenant was made from it.

Acacia is part of our initiation as Master Masons and represents the immortality of the soul, as the soul lives on after our bodies have been put to rest.

Acacia can be a bush, tree, or a grove of trees. If you cut it down it grows back, if you burn it, it grows back. If you try to dig it up and leave one root it will grow back. Acacia can live through floods, droughts, and bad soil conditions. There is little doubt to the reason Acacia is our symbol of immortality.



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