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"From Whence We Came"
A Masonic Novel and Discussion Based on the Actual History of Freemasonry
Masonic Education Series
January - March 2004
Grand Lodge of AF&AM of North Carolina
Committee on Masonic Education

The Secrets of a Mason, What are They?
by Dan Weatherington, 33°, PM, PDDGM
Presented to Wilkerson College Lodge No. 760 A. F. & A. M.
February 14, 2004

"Old Tiler Talks" by Carl H. Claudy

The "Old Tiler Talks" was originally written in 1921, copyrighted and
published by The Fellowship Forum and later copyrighted in 1949 by the
author, Carl H. Claudy and published by The Temple Publishers. This book can still be purchased through The Temple Publishers. Blackmer Lodge wishes to thank Joe Ohlandt of The Temple Publishers for his assistance with this page!


"Black Sheep"
"Lippen All!"
Under the Rose
"Were Fiddle-Dee-Dee!"
"All is Fish"
"Root of All Evil"

The members of Blackmer Lodge would like to extend a special "thank you" to the authors of the following articles who were gracious enough to grant us permission to reproduce their works on our website.

"History of Military Lodges in Freemasonry"
H. Lloyd Wilkerson, 33°, PSGIG
Major General, U. S. Marine Corps (Ret)
Presented to Wilkerson College Lodge No. 760
At Blackmer Lodge No. 127 on October 5, 2002

"Traveling Elder, Traveling Mason"
by Rev. A. Gene Cobb, Jr., 33°
Past Master of Blackmer Lodge - 1995

"Peter Stuart Ney - Freemason, Marshall of Napoleon?"
by Thomas W. Gregory, 33°
Past Grand Master of Masons in North Carolina

"The Masonic 'Miracle'
The Story of Wilkerson College and Wilkerson College Lodge 760
by Dan Weatherington, 33°, PM, PDDGM

"Mozart, Music and Masonry"
by William K. Bissey, MPS

"It Doesn't Have to Be Like This"
by Julian Rees
Freemasonry Today

"Hez's House An Early Lodge"
by Walter J. Klein, 32°, K.C.C.H.

"The Lessons Taught By The Three Great Lights"
The Masonic Monthly 1865

"On Being Drummed Out Of American History"
by William Herbert "Skip" Boyer, 32°

"Lodge Courtesies"
Short Talk Bulletin - Vol. II August, 1924 No.8
Author Unknown

"Join a Masonic Lodge? Never!"
by Larry B. Thompson, Jr., 32°
Blackmer Lodge No. 127 A. F. & A. M.
Wilkerson College Lodge No. 760 A. F. & A. M

"Why I Joined"
by Randy Ogburn, 32°
Piedmont-Pioneer Lodge No. 685 A. F. & A. M.
Wilkerson College Lodge No. 760 A. F. & A. M.

"A Brief History of the Cryptic Degrees in the State of North Carolina"
by P. Shaun Bradshaw, 32°
Master, Stokesdale Lodge No. 428 A. F. & A. M.
Secretary/Recorder, Greensboro York Rite Bodies

"Buzz's Diary"
by Thomas W. Gregory, PGM
A collection of witty stories authored by one of our beloved Past Grand Masters!

"Reflections of Yesterday, Observations of Tomorrow"
by "Dean" Dan Weatherington, 33°, PM, PDDGM
A collection of wonderful articles authored by the Dean of Wilkerson College!

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"The values and ideas, the profound principals of religion, morality, and honour for which Masonry stands, mean much to me as an American.

There is, as I see it, nothing like Masonry. It is unique in its fellowship which spreads over much of the earth, in addition to our own country. Moreover, this in-depth fellowship spans the years, even the centuries, running back into antiquity. To me it means a personal relationship with great historical personalities and, taken by and large, also with about the finest body of men whom it is possible to assemble anywhere.

Attending Lodge and participating in Masonic activities gave me confidence. I learned to work with people. I found that everyone, every single brother, had a special talent. All I had to do was bring it out. The Brother, then, saw quickly enough how to put his talent to use.

And his success at Lodge work gave him confidence too! He passed it on to others, and they still to others. It wasn't necessary to repeat a self-help motto like "I believe in me." Just doing the work and seeing the results were enough.

Confidence in self, in the Lodge, in Masonry, in the community and nation - it caught on, and I have seen it spread farther and farther as I continue my Masonic journey in life, meeting ever more Brothers and sharing with them the confidence Freemasonry can give.

Ever since I became a Mason, the work has not only charmed me, but also impressed me. I can further add that, as a public speaker, it has also given me enhanced perception of the nobility of words and their inspirational power when used in skillful combination and for the expression of lofty thoughts."

- Norman Vincent Peale