Ben Bey Grotto Dr. of Smiles

The Dental Care for Children with Special Needs Program has local Grotto representatives that are known as our "Dr of Smiles".  These representatives are the liaison with the parents, dental offices and hospital and anesthesia offices when necessary, to see that all paperwork is provided and properly completed.  They also file the application with the Humanitarian Foundation office where all cases are processed and he maintains contact with the parent and dentist.  To find a representative closest to you, Click Here.    
When no representative is available in your area/state, those cases will be processed directly through the national office of the Humanitarian Foundation, Grottoes of North America. 

Please email the office directly with your questions or for forms needed to apply to the program:

The Drs of Smiles are our key people to the dental program.


Don Sovel

Dr. of Smiles