Did You Know ??

From a speech given by
M:.W:. Bill Jones
Grand Master of Arkansas, 1996


is a fraternal society of men that are bound together by invisible and dissoluble ties of brotherly affection, unselfish care and concern.

The Doors of Freemasonry

are open to men of good character whose age is 21 or over. Freemasons are men who seek harmony with their fellow creatures, who feel the need for self improvement, and wish to participate in the adventure of making this world a more congenial place in which to live. The conditions for membership are few.

If a man wishes to become a Mason, he must make that wish known to a member of the fraternity.

The member will see that he gets a petition.

Every Man Desiring to become a Mason

must believe in a Supreme Being. Freemasonry is not a religion and therefore every member is free to follow the Faith or Denomination best agreeing with his personal religious conviction. The necessity to believe in one Supreme Being is an ancient requirement to insure that if an individual recognizes the Fatherhood of God, he can readily accept the concept of the Brotherhood of man.

Masons Help Others.

They give almost $1.5 million a day to charity. Along with scholarships and loans to assist young people in furthering their education, masons support important research projects aimed at finding answers to many devastating diseases. One of Masonry's associated groups, the Shriners, operates institutes for the severely burned, along with the famous hospitals for children. Scottish Rite Masons sponsor extensive programs to understand and aid children suffering with language disorders.

Freemasonry Does Not Support

any particular political position. It has long stood for seperation of Church and State, and has been a champion of Free Public Education. Politics are never discussed in meetings.


is a society of builders, equating the principles required to erect the great Cathedrals and edifices which have endured the centuries, to the building of strong moral fiber, whereby each reflective member is strengthened in character, virtues, morality, and truth. The doctrines of Masonry are the most beautiful that is possible to imagine. They breath the simplicity of the earliest ages yet convey a philosophy in step with the most sophisticated and technological society.


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