Photos From Bay View Lodge


Past Bay View Officers

Here we present some photos of past officers from Bay View. Notice the details of the old lodge room in the '64 and '72 photos! The photos on this page came from old snapshots (except for 2002, obviously), so the quality of these images may not be the best. They may be easier to see, as the images are larger than the original photos!
Special Request! If anyone has old photos from Bay View, please contact the WEBMASTER so they may be posted on this page!
The Officers from 1964.
Front Row: William P. Hansen , Treasurer; Charles L. Gordon, Junior Warden; W. Robert Schmidt, Worshipful Master; B. John Skawinski, Senior Warden;
Benjamin S. Parker, Secretary.
2nd Row: George Ryalls, Senior Deacon; Robert McCormick, Senior Steward; Hazzie B. Williams, Junior Steward; George E. Staub, Junior Deacon; Sherman Hirt, Marshal; Herschel D. Paradise, Chaplain; Richard I. Reynolds, Tyler.
Worshipful Master for 1964, Bob Schmidt
The Officers of 1972.
Front Row: Charles Domin, Junior Deacon; Granville Morris, Treasurer; Fred Williams, Junior Warden; Herschel Paradise, Worshipful Master; Wesley Fulks, Chaplain; William Beckwith, Senior Warden; George Wadsworth, Senior Deacon; Herbert Burdick, Tyler.
2nd Row: Richard Gray, Organist; Kenneth Worrall, Marshal; John Worrall, Junior Steward; William K. DeGray, Senior Steward.
The Officers for 1981:
Charles Levandowski, Treasurer; Stephen Curry, Senior Deacon; Robert Dorsey, Marshal; William Starr Sr., Junior Deacon; Lewis Kerr, Junior Warden; Frederick Dannible, Junior Steward; E. Travers Thompson, Worshipful Master; John McElroy, Senior Steward; Arthur E. Richards, Senior Warden; Herschel Paradise, Secretary; Robert Hodgson, Chaplain; Richard Gray, Organist.
1987 officers.
Front Row: William DeGray, Associate Secretary; Robert Dorsey, Senior Deacon; John G. Boras, Worshipful Master; William Williams, Junior Deacon; John Bath, Tyler; Thomas Collins IV, Senior Steward.
2nd Row: Charles Levandowski, Associate Treasurer; Richard Gray, Organist; Robert Schmidt, Marshal; Donald Ames, Junior Steward; Philip Howard, Junior Warden; Francis LaPlante, Chaplain.
3rd Row: Robert Tompkins, Secretary; John Rogers, Treasurer; Kenneth Worrall, Past Master; John McElroy, Senior Warden.
2003 Officers
Front Row: Gary Milton, Marshal; Skip Saunders, Chaplain; Gary LaMothe, Junior Deacon; Myles Hart, Junior Warden.
2nd Row: Francis LaPlante Sr., Treasurer; Paul Littlehale, Senior Steward; Bill Clark, Senior Warden.
3rd Row: Dominic Paddock, Senior Deacon; Bill Weisert, Worshipful Master; Richard Miller, Secretary.