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Welcome!  This is where you may be able to find your old friends from Lodge, or your new ones!  Please send email to the webmaster if you would like to be added to the directory.  Read the directions, however, or you will be frustrated.

Directions for using directory:  Some of us have been through bad experiences with junk email (spam) that started when some "enterprising" commercial outfit used automatic software to find lists of email address, and we were listed for another organization.  To guard against these "robots", the addresses listed here have been changed by using the words "no_spam" instead of the @ symbol.  Just copy the address to your clipboard or address book and manually replace the words "no_spam" with the @ symbol!!!  Pretty easy, isn't it?!  [Note that those names with highlighting also have an automatic email link....just click on them.]

Steve Davis, PM stephen.p.davis"no_spam"
Steve Emerson a37semerson"no_spam"
Walter Hempton marilyn_hempton"
James E. Hickman, PM jimhickman4"no_spam"
Cliff Hilton, PM CHilton322"no_spam"
Michael Holt mholt"no_spam"
Gordon Kilpatrick Kilsr"no_spam"
David Lee firefighter43"no_spam"
Robert P. Miller, PM tuaz"no_spam"
Myron O. "M.O." Parker, PM mopark1"no_spam"
Richard & Shirley Wall rinchw"no_spam"

Comments and additions are welcome.  Upon request, I will add a link to your list entry, but that does increase the risk of getting noticed by a spam generating robot.  Personally, I have my email address linked in numerous places, and spam has not been a particular problem.        last updated 03/14/2011

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