The following are some of the unique things that St. Andrew’s Lodge has followed for a period of time, long enough to call them “Tradition.”

1. When the Lodge is at labor on any degree, the Bible will be opened to “The Song of Solomon.”

2. When balloting for candidates, the voter will approach the ballot box, salute the East by giving the Due Guard (only) of the Degree in which we are working, and then cast his ballot.

3. When the flag is presented and returned, the Stewards will accompany it. (one on each side)  The Junior Warden will assure that these places are filled when the Stewards are attending to refreshments.  You may be called upon to perform this duty.

4. The Master will use the “optional” words in the opening ritual of the Lodge when he directs the Senior Deacon to perform his duty with the Great Lights at the Altar.

5. When the Master appoints the Marshal (or any permanent addition) to his line of officers, it is understood that he (new appointee) will remain and progress in the line until he becomes Master.  It is also understood that he will perform all the duties agreeably, to earn his progression.

6. When at refreshment and the Toastmaster (Junior Warden) calls upon you to share your thoughts with the assembled group, the following protocol should be observed:

          Rise to your feet, face the Toastmaster and say – “Bro. Toastmaster, Worshipful Master, Brethren all …etc.”

7. Any Brother can participate in the Degrees of the order so long as they are proficient in the part they elect to perform and of course, use the Washington Work. (proof of proficiency in that part is the responsibility of the Director of that Degree)  It is typical for the Director of the Degree to encourage an “in process” Brother to deliver the “Working Tools” lecture of the Degree in which he has just passed proficiency, to the next candidate of that Degree.

8. The Past Master(s) will not meddle in the operation of the Lodge but will advise the Master when requested to do so. (offering advice, however, is not the same as meddling – just “whispering good council.”