1879-1881 – Dispensation. St. John’s Lodge was requested for sponsorship in forming a new lodge. On November 10, 1879, MW Oliver P. Lacy, GM of the Territory of Washington, issued a dispensation for a lodge at Newcastle in King County. The first Secretary, Nicholas H. Martin, is credited with giving the new lodge its name - St. Andrew’s. It appears that the name was taken from his mother lodge in Nova Scotia. In 1880 a certificate of Continuance of Dispensation was issued to St. Andrew’s. At the same time, permission was sought and obtained to move the place of communication from Newcastle to Renton, a town of little more than 100 citizens. On the 2nd of June, 1881 the Grand Lodge Committee recommended that the charter for St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 35, in Renton, be granted. The recommendation was adopted.

1881 – Lodge meetings were established to be the first and third Saturday of each month. The Brethren first met in a room above Lavern Barnett’s maternal grandfathers saloon.

1884 – In October of the year, a fire destroyed all the records and paraphernalia of the lodge. The lodge then met in the I.O.O.F. hall. Bro. James Tonkin opened the first General Store in Renton.

1889 – Sponsored a new lodge in Kent. (Verity 59)

1891 – Sponsored a new lodge in Black Diamond. (Diamond 83)

1893 – Property in Renton was purchased and Articles of Incorporation were established.

1899 –The Brethren voted to build a meeting hall.

1900 – The population of Renton was approximately 400 persons. The membership had grown to 45 Master Masons.

1901 - The Brethren, again, sponsored a new lodge at Newcastle. (Tyee 115) Dr. Bro. A.I. Beach was Renton’s first Mayor. Bro. John Bevan was the town Treasurer.

1906 – A “blue” lantern was purchased to hang outside the hall on meeting nights.

1907 – A vote was passed to prohibit smoking while the lodge was at work and during banquets, when ladies were present.

1908 – Once more the Brethren sponsored a new lodge in Riverton. (Delta 172) Construction on the new hall was begun.

1909 – Cornerstone laid for St. Andrew’s Lodge Hall on the 27th of June by MW Royal Amenzo Gove, Grand Master. Renton’s 4th Mayor, elected during the year, was WB. Ben Ticknor, a Past Master of St. Andrew’s.

1910 – The population of Renton was 2,740 persons. The membership of the lodge was 86.

1913 – VW Talbott was Master in this year as well as being Superintendent of Public Schools.

1915 – By-Laws were amended to change the Stated Meetings to the first and third Friday of each month.

1916 –By-Laws were amended, again, to return the Stated Meetings to the first and third Saturday.The Grand Master approved the By-Laws change in 1917.

1917 – Bro. W. Tonkin, elected Mayor of Renton.

1920 –The population of Renton was 3,201. The membership of the lodge was 133.

1921 – Dues were revised to $6 per year. The fees for the Degrees was $50.

1922 –WB. Tonkin presented a motion to dissolve the Masonic Building Association and form a new committee that included the three principle officers of the lodge. Deeds to Lot 16 & 17 (block 25) were donated to the lodge by Bros. E.T. Rees (Secretary) and P. Hanson (Treasurer). Bro. E.M. Smithers, Renton’s Post Master in 1873 to 1876, was reinstated into the lodge.Bro. Smithers filed the Renton Town Plat on 4 September, 1875. He was also a member of St. John’s Lodge No. 9. Deeds to Lot 26 (block 23) and Farm Plat No. 3 were presented to the lodge from the estate of deceased Bro. Eleazer P. Whitney. The insurance for three years was $236. (probably property insurance) Bro. Ray Hansen was Master during this year. (Bro. Ray is still living as of this writing.)

1924 – The new Worshipful Master, Bertram Tachell, is also Renton’s undertaker and owner of the first motorized hearse.

1925 – Organist Bert D. Thomas eventually moved to Columbus, Ohio and became President of the College there. (possibly Ohio State University) The St. Andrew’s Brethren attended ground breaking ceremonies of the new Masonic Home in Zenith.

1928 – Bro A.W. Dimmitt became Principal of Henry Ford School.

1930 – The population of Renton was 5,000. (est) The lodge membership was 217.

1931 – In a census taken, this year, it was found that Renton had 1,956 registered voters. By-Laws resolutions: The fee for the Degrees was lowered from $65 to $50. A Masters Relief Fund to aid needy and distressed Brethren was established. The lodge purchased four 5% first mortgage notes, issued by the Grand Lodge, for $500. Each note to mature in 1937.

1938 –A resolution was passed to entitle qualified Brethren to life membership in St. Andrew’s Lodge.

1939 – Bro. Howard L. Bennett honored St. Andrew’s by being the first to receive a Grand Lodge appointment. He was appointed to be a District Deputy of the Grand Master. VWB Bennett, also presented the lodge with cast brass Square and Compasses. The brass tools were made by St. Andrew’s first Master, N.H. Martin. Bro. Lee Monohon donated 3 ½ acres of land on Park Ave. for Mother’s Park.

1940 – The population of Renton was 4,488. The membership of the lodge was 196.

1942 – World War 2 began and several St. Andrew’s Brethren left to serve in the armed forces. The lodge voted to remit the dues for the Brethren in the service. Removable shutters were installed on the building to protect against showing light in case of an air raid.

1944 – A neon sign was purchased for the outside of the hall.

1946 – A blood bank was started for the use of St. Andrew’s Brethren and their families. Whenever servicemen were present, they were introduced by including their rank. (i.e. Bro. Major etc)

1947 – At a District meeting at St. Andrew’s, the attending MWGM announced that a written cipher would soon be produced for this Grand Jurisdiction and Alaska. WM Steve Drovetto directed all Past Masters to provide a photograph to be framed and hung in the Hall. St. Andrew’s Brethren formed a male quartet and performed throughout the District and County.

1949 – The first study group was formed during this year. The group met on the third Wednesday to further their knowledge of Masonry. Dues were raised from $6 to $8.50 and initiation raised to $100. The St. Andrew’s Building Corp. came into being.

1950 – Repair work and refurnishing of the lodge was completed. The population of Renton was 16,039. The membership reached 411.

1951 – WB Lee Monohon, Past Master of this lodge and the moving force behind the passage of the Grand Lodge resolution to change the Opening ritual, passed away. The first donation to the “Home Endowment Fund”, to the Masonic Home, was made in his name.

1953 – VWB H.L. Bennett has further distinguished himself and our lodge by receiving a GL appointment as Chairman of the Research And Education Committee.

1956 – This year marked the 75th anniversary of St. Andrew’s Lodge. The custom/tradition of awarding a 35 year membership pin was begun this year. Our lodge is the only one authorized by the Code Book to receive this recognition.

1958 – The Honorable Bro. Henry M. Jackson, U.S. Senate, was the featured speaker at our lodge on September 20th. A letter was received from the Superintendent of Renton Schools, inviting the lodge to lay the corner stone for the A.W. Dimmitt Jr. High School. WB Dimmitt was raised in this lodge and served as Master.

1960 – The population of Renton was 18,453. The membership of the lodge was 495.

1961 – Redistricting caused St. Andrew’s to move from District No. 7 to 13. VW Avery Garrett lost his job as Deputy of the Grand Master due to this change. (DD must belong to the District he presides over and District 13 already had a DD) No problem! VW Avery is soon to become the Mayor of Renton.The mortgage was paid off and a Mortgage burning ceremony was held.

1963 – Lodge voted to revise our meeting schedule to the first Saturday of the month. A committee was formed to investigate the purchase of land for “lodge use in the future.”

1964 – Land was purchased for investment purposes.

1966 – Senator, Bro. Henry M. Jackson visited again and addressed a large Masonic assembly at our Hall. Bro. Oliver Hazen, a member of St. Andrew’s, was made Superintendent of the Renton Public School System.

1967 – Lodge building sold to the Telephone Company. The School Awards Program was inaugurated. The Chairman for this event was, none other than, Bro. Oliver Hazen. The Building Board located our future home at 5th and Williams.

1968 – The investment property was traded for property on 5th and Williams. (present site)

1969 – Ground breaking ceremonies were held and the cornerstone was laid by MW Robert L. Gilmore, Grand Master.

1970 – Dedication ceremonies were held by MW Frank E. Ulin. VW James O. Wood delivered the dedication speech. The population of Renton was 26,686. The membership of the lodge was 492.

1973 – The investment property, purchase in 1964, was sold for $40,325.

1977 – VW James O. Wood was elected Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington.

1980 – The population of Renton was 30,612. The membership of the lodge was 407.