Amrita's Past Monarch Night


March 29, 2003, Amrita Grotto honored its Past Masters and recognized its 25 and 50 year members.  A total of 5 Past Masters and 1 25 year member along with their wives were honored by the Amrita's membership who attended the activity.


Monarch Tommy Thompson address the audience


  Past Monarchs and Monarch Tommy Thompson


  A group of prophets and wives




Past Monarch Frankie Davis
Monarch 1997


  Peggy and Past Monarch Bernard Rosenberg
Monarch 2000


  Past Monarch Fred Stecher
Monarch 1988


Dorothy and Past Monarch Norman Davis
Monarch 1989


  Catherine and Past Monarch Jesse Lewis
Monarch 1974


  Janie and Prophet George Richardson
25 year member


Prophet George Richardson receives 25 year certificate from Monarch Tommy Thompson


  Prophet George Richardson receives 25 year pin from Monarch Tommy Thompson


  Judy Thompson, the cook who prepared the excellent meal.