Elected Officers

Office Name Court
 Grand Royal Matron  Claudia Wilms   Freeman Laning 54
 Grand Royal Patron  Rev. H. J. Robert Wilms   Freeman Laning 54
 Grand Associate Matron  Patricia Jo Murphy   Arbor Vitae 40
 Grand Associate Patron   David Bellhorn, PGRP   Freeman Laning 54
 Grand Treasurer  Erma L. Hoover, PGRM   Freeman Laning 54
 Grand Secretary  Lori J. Fischer, PGRM   Adoniram 22
 Grand Conductress  Sandra McWilliams   Freeman Laning 54
 Grand Associate Conductress  Lois Pettorsson

  Freeman Laning 54

 Grand Trustee (Chairman)  Kathleen D. Fox   Adoniram 22
 Grand Trustee (2 Years)   Robert A. Pirrotta, PGRP   Adoniram 22

 Grand Trustee (3 Years) 

 Stanley L. Hoover, PGRP 

  Freeman Laning 54

 Grand Commissioner of Appeals (Chief)  Harold K. Fischer, PGRP   Adoniram 22
 Grand Commissioner of Appeals (2 Years)  Karen Parkhurst, PGRM   Freeman Laning 54
 Grand Commissioner of Appeals (3 Years)  Betty Lou Harper, PGRM Arbor Vitae 40



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