Office Name Court
Grand Prelate  Margaret Reeve  Adoniram 22 
Grand Marshal  Thomas Wilms   Freeman Laning 54  
Grand Marshal in the East  Barbara Hoffman  Freeman Laning 54 
Grand Marshal in the West  Sharon Melton     Adoniram 22
Grand Lecturer  Darcia D. Booth, PGRM   Freeman Laning 54
Assistant Grand Lecturer to 22  Janet Myers, PGRM  Freeman Laning 54
Assistant Grand Lecturer to 38  Philip L. Parkhurst, PGRP  Freeman Laning 54
Assistant Grand Lecturer to 40  Ann Marie Williams,  PGRM     Adoniram 22
Assistant Grand Lecturer to 54  Judith L. Horrocks, PGRM  Charity 38
Grand Standard Bearer  Augusta C. Torpey, PGRM     Charity 38
Grand Historian  LeRoy "Jack" Myers, PGRP  Freeman Laning 54
Grand Fraternal Correspondent  Alice Purgavie   Arbor Vitae 40
Grand Truth  Doris Van Arsdale, PGRM    Arbor Vitae 40 
Grand Faith  Barbara Hatfield  Charity 38
Grand Wisdom  Sally Dennis     Arbor Vitae 40
Grand Charity  Janet Sherman  Charity 38
Grand Musician  G. Dane Ewen, PGRP  Charity 38
Grand Warder  Neal Dennis, PGRP  Arbor Vitae 40
Grand Sentinel  Donald Soderlund, PGRP  Arbor Vitae 40
Grand Page  Patria Saitta, PGRM  Arbor Vitae 40
Grand Crown Bearer  Joan Cataldo  Adoniram 22
Grand Sword Bearer  Fred A. Greenwood, PGRP  Freeman Laning 54

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