Acacia Shrine Temple

Units & Clubs

Call the Temple to find out more information on many of the great Units and Clubs of the Acacia Shrine Temple.

Jim Wingate, Colonel of Units
Dewitt Watts, Parade Marshal
Fred Frederick, Director's Staff

Fred Frederick
1st Mon. 6:30pm

Gariel J. "Bud" King
1st Mon. 7:00pm

Legion of Honor
Howard C. States
1st Thurs. 7:00pm

Oriental Band
Robert W. Allen
1st Wed. 6:30pm

Sutan's Chefs
Joseph C. Rogillio
3rd Wed. Noon

Past Masters/Greeters
T.R. "Ted" Arthur, Jr. P.P.
4th Mon. 6:30pm

Directors Staff
Cliff Brown
TBA 7:00pm

Provost Guard
William L. Jones
2nd Thurs. 6:30pm

Acacia Cycles
Robert Glen Graves
After Temple Meeting

3rd Fri. Bi-Mthly 6:30pm

Ox-Bo Shrine Club
Alexan Tvhorlian-Tchoro
3rd Thurs. Middle
month of each Quarter

St. Mary Shrine Club
Shelby A. Duay  
1st Mon. 7:00pm

The Nomad Unit
David Wallace

6:00PM Dinner, 7:00PM Meeting


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