Acacia Shrine Temple - 2000 Officers

2000 Officers

2004 Elected Divan

Carle L. Jackson Potentate
Gariel J. "Bud" King Chief Rabban
Glen Graves Asst. Rabban
Ollie "Tom" Perry High Priest & Prophet
Jude Brand Oriental Guide
Danny Johnson, P.P. Treasurer
Jerry L. Sicard, P.P. Recorder

Carle L. Jackson - Potentate

2004 Appointed Divan
Beverly J. Guillot  1st Ceremonial Master
Terrell E. Howes 2nd Ceremonial Master
Dewitt W. Watts Marshall
William L. Jones Captain of the Guard
Bob Allen Outer Guard
2004 Appointed Aides
Tom Perry (Chief Aide)
Robbie Mizell Dude Mendel
Terrell Howes James Higginbotham
Gary Ford George Donachricha
James Scuderi Joe McNeal
Special Appointments
Dorian Heroman Chaplain
Jim Wingate Assistant Chaplain
Jim Wingate Colonel of the Units
Dewitt Watts Parade Marshall
Maurice Nettles Asst. Parade Marshall
David Wallace Membership Chairman
R. L. Klienpeter, PP Endowments, Wills, & Gifts
Cliff Brown Orator
Vernon Yielding Public Relations
Robert Hoover, PP Temple Attorney
Dr.James Christopher Ceremonial Physician
Dewitt Watts Hospital Patient & Transportation Coord.
Venice Watts Auditor
Howard States Color Guard Commander
Blood Bank Coordinator
Vernon Yielding - Chairman
Bob Christopher
Mike Vanover


Keith A. Duncan
Audit Committee
Venice Watts - Chairman
Imperial Representatives
Danny L. Johnson Potentate
Anthony "Tony" Durio Chief Rabban
Carle L. Jackson Asst. Rabban
Jack Brown John Croggins
Robert Christopher Dorian Heroman
Louis McDempsey John "Duke" Morgan
William "Bill" Traylor Mike Vanover
Ken Garber Bill Mollere, P.P.
I. C. Lard Bev Gulliot
Past Potentates
1986 G. Baillie McIntosh, P.P.
1987 G. Baillie McIntosh, P.P.
1988 Robert L. Klienpeter, P.P.
1989 B. J. Pritchard, P.P.
1990 William J. Mollere, P.P.
1991 Robert D. Hoover, P.P.
1992 H. George Scanlan, Jr., P.P.
1993 Harold J. Lassabe, P.P.
1994 Fred O. Sims, Jr., P.P.
1995 Cliff Stringfield, P.P.
1996 Jerry R. Wolfe, P.P.
1997 Jerry L. Sicard, P.P.
1998 Edward L. Malloy, P.P.
1999 John E. Jones, P.P.
2000 Douglas J. Harrison, P.P.
2001 Theodore R. Arthur, Jr. P.P.
Circus Committee
Tony Durio - Chairman
Glen Graves
Ways & Means Committee
James Higginbotham - Chairman
H. George "Spats" Scanlan, P.P.
William J. Mollere, P.P.
Terrell Howes
Edward L. Malloy, PP
Venice Watts
Buildings and Grounds
George Dunaway
George Scanlan, P.P. Robert L. Lawrence
Jim Wingate
Carle Jackson - Editor & Divan Representative
John Croggins - Asst. Editor
H. George Scanlan, P.P. - Chairman
Robert D. Hoover, P.P.
Chuck Morgan
Carle Jackson - Divan Representative
David Wallace - Chairman
Bob Christopher
Mervin LeBlanc
(Emergency Only)
Jerry L. Sicard, PP - Recorder
George Dunaway - Treasurer

6:00PM Dinner, 7:00PM Meeting


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