The High Priests Message

My Dear Companions!

As you know, Freemasonry deals with the "Temple of Solomon"; the building of that temple and it's analogy. Our operative forefathers build magnificent temples (cathedrals) to the glory of God. They build them to last, and indeed, they have withstood the "test of time". Glorious edifices standing as tangible evidence of their faith in the Great Creator. We Masons of today, you and me, as "speculative" Masons entrusted to an even greater and more difficult task...that of building a different kind of temple, a temple that will last, not only throughout our lifetime, but will be the "trace that we will leave behind"; a temple which each one of us will build to stand as our individual monument to the worth of our Craft as an Institution founded on the principle of the Father of God and the Brotherhood of Man!

I'm talking about THAT TEMPLE which we, as Freemasons have, of our own free will and accord, obligated ourselves to build to the Glory of God and to dedicate to His service during our travels through this "Vail of Tears"...THAT TEMPLE of our "inner" life, deep within our souls, our hearts and our minds... THAT TEMPLE which we build one stone at a time, each day of our lives, by each good deed and thought or words towards our fellow man. The Temple which, as Masons we are building within ourselves, may not be completed during our lifetime, but it is nevertheless, the "Magnificent Struggle" which we have dedicated ourselves to at our Sacred Altar and which should remain uppermost in our thoughts every day of our lives in our dealings with our fellow man.

What a beautiful task! build a Temple to God within our hearts and souls; a Temple build with stones tested by the square of honesty, the plumbline of integrity and the rule of brotherly love, cemented together with the cement of the "Golden Rule"!!!

How is YOUR Temple coming along, my companion?

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Guenter E. Noack

Most Excellent High Priest