The High Priests Message


My Companion,


 As many of you know I have just completed the past year as Master of my lodge. It is with the same enthusiasm that I had a year ago that I have now as I ready myself to become the High Priest of our chapter. My feet are already on the deck and running. I am looking forward to the new challenge and the support of all of you as High Priest of Triangle Chapter. There is so much to be done. I hope I can keep up the work started by my predecessor. Guenter will be a hard act to follow; he is an inspiration to all of us. If I can just have a part of the enthusiasm and energy he has showed us I know I will be up to the challenge. In looking to the New Year, it is my hope that with your help we can bring in new members and work on being able to do some degree work in the upcoming year. If we work together, as a team, there is no reason that we cannot be doing some degree work in the next few months. All it will take is our willingness and determination. So join me in working to keep our chapter on the right track.




  Bob Peake