Famous New Jersey Mason
Hugh Louis Mehorter 

Hugh Louis Mehorter was born on 24 January 1899 in Wenonah, New Jersey to Samuel and Mary (Brines) Mehorter. He married Marian Springman, daughter of Arthur Springman, on 9 December 1922. Marian was born on 1 August 1900.

Hugh's nickname was Scubby. Hugh's great-nephew, Rob Mehorter, wrote about Hugh: "He grew up in Woodbury, New Jersey and was quarterback of the local high school football team. In 1917, he enlisted in the machine gun company of the Old Third New Jersey Infantry which later became part of the 111th Machine Gun Battalion, 29th Division. He saw service in Alsac and the meuse-Argonne. After the war he played army football in France and studied for a time in the A.E.F., University at Beaune. He married Marian Springman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Springman of Center Street, Woodbury, New Jersey. On June 20, 1949, while Assembly Speaker in the State of New Jersey, he was sworn in as acting Governor at 2 p.m., and then immediately made himself popular with the state employees by closing down the State House at 3 p.m! He was acting governor for about 6 weeks. In 1950 he was appointed to the NJ racing commission and later became chairman of the NJ State Racing Commission. In 1953 he was the president of the national Association of State Racing Commissioners. ..." 

In 1973, Hugh lived in Blackwood, New Jersey. Hugh died on 3 November 1973 in Woodbury, New Jersey at age 74. He was buried in Wenonah Cemetery, New Jersey. Marian died on 29 December 1980 at age 80. She was buried on 31 December 1980 in Wenonah Cemetery.

Lodge: Florence No. 87
Residence: Woodbury