Famous New Jersey Mason
Daniel Coxe

"The First Provincial Grand Master in America" for the Provinces of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania June 5, 1730. Colonel of Militia in the Province of West Jersey. Associate Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court 1706-12 & 1734-39. Served as Most Worshipful Grand Master of New Jersey 1730-1732,

Colonel Daniel Coxe (1673-1739) came to Coxe Hall Creek near Cape May in 1701 to look after the many thousands of acres titled to his father, Dr. Daniel Coxe of London. The family lands reached into Burlington County, and Colonel Coxe moved on to Burlington where he married a Quaker girl, Sarah Eckley, in 1707. 

He was commander of the Queen's forces in New Jersey and served as a Justice of the Colonial Court and as a member of the Governor's Council. He was also the first Grand Master of Masons in America, and a chief supporter of historic St. Mary's Church in Burlington - where in 1739 his remains were interred before the chancel. 

Prophetic was his "description and plan for union" of the American Colonies, published in 1722, and quoted many years later by Benjamin Franklin in his "Albany Plan" laying groundwork for the emergence of the United States of America. 

Lodge: First listed as a member of Devil's Tavern Lodge No. 8, London, England
Residence: Burlington and Trenton