Famous New Jersey Mason
Nathan Barnert
(1838 - 1927)

A successful manufacturer Nathan Barnert was elected Mayor of Paterson April 9, 1883, and served with distinction Barnert a noted philanthropist and humanitarian was one of the original founders of the Miriam Barnert Hebrew Free School the Barnert Memorial Hospital and the Barnert Memorial Temple.The DAUGHTERS OF MIRIAM HOME for the AGED and ORPHANS was founded in 1921 in a building at 469 River Street, Paterson, New Jersey. In 1921, Nathan Barnert, a prominent Jewish citizen and Mayor of Paterson, purchased the property know as Ashley Homestead on River Street and started this organization, which was name after his late wife Miriam. They moved to 155 Hazel Street, Clifton, New Jersey in 1927. The orphanage was phased out around in 1948. It sill operates its Home for the Aged at the Clifton Address. 

Lodge: Paterson - Orange 45, Now Clifton #203
Residence: Paterson