DeMolay Chapter

Meets First and Third Thursdays

20 Thompson Ave

Dover NJ 07801-4512


Chairman - Len Vanderhorn

Or parents and children can come for breakfast every

Sunday Morning in Dover from 9AM – 11AM

* Small donation (few dollars) requested for cost of meal


Louis thought the idea had possibilities and showed up the next week with eight other boys. That was February 19, 1919.

The boys came early that Wednesday evening and each in turn was introduced to Mr. Land by Louis Lower with, "I want you to meet Ralph Sewell, Elmer Dorsey, Edmund Marshall, Jerome Jacobson, William Steinhilber, Ivan Bentley, Gorman McBride, and Clyde Stream. There are nine of us."

They were a group destined to form a great youth organization and each was to advance through his efforts and determination to prominence in his chosen field of work.

Mr. Land acknowledged each introduction with a handshake and word of welcome. "Before we get down to business, let's make a tour of this building. I think you will find it just about right if we should decide to form a Club and use it as a meeting place."

It was a radiant group that gathered about the long table in one of the meeting rooms that night. There was no doubt that they should continue to meet as a Club. The only question was a name. One suggested they use Greek letters as the college fraternities did but this was instantly voted down as making them only a part of other organizations. The name must be distinctive and carry meaning. They turned to Land for suggestions. He pointed to a recent series of prints on the wall that showed the adventures of Sir Galahad and the Knights of the Round Table. There was a negative shaking of heads.

The greatest of wars had ended only a few months before and the adventures of knights of old seemed far away. Then names were mentioned from history and from the Bible. Stories such as Damon and Phythias, David and Jonathan and of Nathan Hale. Nothing seemed to click until one of the boys, Clyde Stream, said "Mr. Land, tell us something connected with Masonry. They must have great names and we are meeting here in one of their buildings."

Frank smiled, "This year I am serving as the head of one of the Masonic Groups. I am the Commander for the DeMolai Council of Kadosh. There are many names and stories directly connected with Masonry, but I think I should tell you about the last leader of the Knights Templar. His name was Jacques DeMolay or as they say in history books, James of Molay."

The story and the name caught the imagination of the boys. Here was heroism. Here was a great example of loyalty, of courage. Here was a theme from knighthood and chivalry, at its best, and the name of a martyr to fidelity and toleration. The boys were ready without further consideration to accept this name as the name of the group. But Land interrupted, "Now let's wait just a little bit and sleep over this. Let's not rush into it. Perhaps with a little more thought we can come up with a better name. One that might be more in keeping and more appropriate. It is growing late and you should all be going home. Come back next week and bring a few more of your friends. We will talk more together about it then. Good night and thanks for coming."

While the boys talked to Land about the Club when they came to the Temple, it was their long talks together at school and as they walked from school to home that heightened their interest and gave momentum to their organization. One afternoon after a chemistry class, Elmer Dorsey caught up with Louis Lower to ask, "Louis, I think this club idea is terrific. But what is it all about? What does Mr. Land get out of it? Do they want us to become junior Masons?" "I don't have all the answers, Elmer, I only know that Frank Land is one of the greatest. His only motive is the one he tells us. He likes to be with young people and sincerely believes that if we do form such a group each of us will benefit from it. How he ever talked the older boys into letting us use their temple is beyond me. They must be interested in us as Land is, because he has told me that we are not to be a junior Masonic group. He told me these men are concerned about only one thing and that is that we should grow into decent men who will be respected in the community."

March 24, 1919 was the day in history that launched the Order of DeMolay. During the next few years, however, the date of March 18, the date in the past that had witnessed the death of Jacques DeMolay, came to be more frequently used.

Thirty-one boys, all from the same high school, came to the Scottish Rite Temple that night. Frank Land made each boy welcome and then explained briefly his ideas of a Club. Land said, "This is your meeting. I will serve as Advisor but it is your meeting. Why not proceed with an organization and elect a few officers. I will take charge until you have completed your election."


The organization is named for the Knights Templar Jaques DeMolay, a noble knight from the Crusades who gave up his life rather than betraying his friends.


What are the membership requirements?

DeMolay accepts applications from young men between 12 and 21 years of age.

It is required that applicants be of good character and belief in God.

Tomorrow's Leaders for Today

How can I join?

Simply contact the person who gave you this brochure or contact the person listed on the opposite side, visit website or call

He or She will then provide you w tion you need to get started in the exciting world of DeMolay. You can also inquire about membership at or by emailing

When communicating on the internet, be sure to have parental permission and supervision.

DeMolay members of New Jersey are part of DeMolay International, a non-profit international youth group founded 1919 in Kansas

City Missouri where our international headquarters is locateded, and is dedicated to helping today's youth

What do DeMolay members do?


Basically, just about anything they want, because beMolay Chapters are run by DeMolays!

Members are encouraged to be DIRECTLY responsible for their Chapter's activities. Dances, fund-raisers, sporting event trips, athletic tournaments, pool par­ ties, competitions, community service projects—you name it—as long as it is within our guidelines and is done in the presence of our adult leadership, called - 'id" Advisors.

Where do DeMolays meet?

Local DeMolay Chapters are sponsored by Masonic Lodges. DeMolay Chapters

meet at least twice each month at a local Lodge facility

local sponsors provide an adult group, or Advisory Board, to supervise the Chapter's activities.


What is in DeMolay for me?

The answer to that is much as you put into it! Active DeMolays expand their circle of friends, practice public speaking, enjoy fun activities, help their community, learn how to be team players and effective leaders.There are also many opportunities to visit other Chapters and to meet and socialize with young women that belong to organi zations similar to DeMolay. If there is one thing that DeMolay Chapters are famous for, it is their activities with

other fun organizations. Hayrides, beach parties, dances, theme parties: dream it and it can be done in a DeMolay Chapter!

DeMolay is not a religious or­ ganization, however we encourage all members to be active and participate in their own religion and worship in their own way.


There is a two step process to joining DeMolay that involves a serious and deeply meaningful ceremony.

The first section explains the 7 lesions or "virtues" that DeMolays are encouraged to live by. The second section is a drama or play that re-enacts the final days in the life of our namesake, Jaques DeMolay, a noble knight from the Crusades who gave up his life rather than betraying his friends. Our induc­ tion process contains no hazing or embarrassing acts, as ve no place in DeMolay.

This sounds great! How can 1 join?

Simply contact the person who gave you this contact the person listed on the oppositOde

chure. He or She will then provide you with information you need to get started in the exciting world of

DeMolay. You can also inquire about membership at or by emailing .

When communicating on the internet, be sure to have parental permisslon