Square & Compass Day

Suggested Program October 3. 2009 I lam 3 pm

Potential petitioners would not be impressed walking into an empty lodge. Square and Compass Day can be a booster shot to your membership roles with a little effort.

*By Trestle Board, word of mouth or any other means, invite your members to bring at least one acquaintance who would make a suitable candidate to your lodge's open house. Have members think about who they know might be curious about our fraternity or interested. Invite family members even if they think there is no interest. Bottom line is within your field of contacts, invite and bring at least one person, plan on two incase one cancels. Urge all active members to participate in this program. Have them bring the wives. Potential candidates can bring theirs.

Call members within the vicinity of the lodge that have not attended in ages. Invite them to the open house as a refresher, meet & greet.

Post invites to the open house at libraries, town halls, send out invites to rotary, lions clubs, local police, EMS, ect. Let your community now that you are holding an open house,

The Program:

As people arrive, form groups; start with an introduction in the collation room. Give a brief introduction to Masonry (no more than 20 minutes). Use a past master or warden, if possible. The introduction should touch on a brief history, explaining that we have no secrets except those of recognition.

Next bring your group to the outer door of the lodge. There give a brief (15 Min) talk, the initiation process (degrees), what you can tell them a candidate can expect, without revealing ritual. Using the youngest suitable member for this presentation would be ideal. Next, bring your group into the lodge room. There have a younger member in the west and an older member in the east, on the level, and have them alternate in a 20 min max presentation on the lodge room, regalia, and how the lodge meets.

This is followed by the group returning to the collation room where a 10 minute presentation on our charitable involvement, learning centers, shrine hospitals, eet.(folks don't know they are Masonic), talk about your lodges charities, follow by famous masons, how in masonry good men are made better men, yet we don't solicit members, one must ask one to be one.

Last, finish with a question and answer period, light refreshments, and a one on one especially if they show interest. Have applications and literature available!

Literature, jpegs, press releases, contact letters, any support needed to make your event a success is available through your Masonic Awareness Committee.